Monday, July 7, 2008

tears of craziness?

OK, I think I may have lost complete control of my emotions. Personally, I am going to blame it on pregnancy hormones, because if it's not, I really need to get some anti-depressants.

Anyway, Dizzle was watching Franklin (a TV show about a turtle and his friends) while I was running on the treadmill. During the first mini-episode, Bear (Franklin's best friend) was about to become a big brother. Franklin and Bear talked about how amazing it was going to be and how when the baby grows up they might get bunk beds. Looking back at it, the storyline was rather hokey. But what was I doing a mile into my run? CRYING!! SERIOUSLY!!

What the heck?!?! Have I completely lost my mind? Please, someone save me from myself!!

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Earth Momma Mer said...

don't worry, you are not crazy. however, DO blame it on the pregnancy. you are just normal! this second time around, i have definitely had my fair share of days in tears (just two days ago, in fact) and i always feel better after crying. even if it is for the silliest thing or even if it's for no reason at all! you are ALLOWED to cry so embrace those tears, girl! i'm right there with ya! M