Monday, November 9, 2009

quick update ...

So after a torturous week off, I finally ran. G and I went out for our last marathon training long run, eight miles in the pitch black. We looked like total fools, her with a headlight and blinkers, me with Halloween glow sticks. But at least we could be seen. And we made it back unharmed.

Overall, the run was great. It felt so easy after taking the week off. And my toes were JUST FINE! And to think, I was so close to cutting them off. My ankle flared up a little, but at this point, I just expect that.

And with that, I am 100% ready for Saturday. We chose our race outfits (navy/orange skirts, safety cone orange tanks - we will be impossible to miss). And I'm itching to race. Oddly, I am not even a little bit spooked. Which is actually creeping me out. I just feel like I should be more nervous. And I probably will be ... at 7:59 on Saturday morning.


Kerrie said...

I'm so glad your toes are better! Good luck to you on Saturday!

PS: Regarding my Halloween Running Poem...I actually didn't think of it until I sat down to write. I was originally going to write about all the hills, but being a holiday and all, it occurred to me that a rhyming poem would be very appropriate. :)

Nicole said...

I would have loved to be calm and ready marathon week. I was a mess! Glad your last run was uneventful!

Mel -Tall Mom on the Run said...

So glad you opted not to chop the toes :)

YIPPEE!! So I was looking at your sidebar...not sure why I thought this was M-day 1 for you.. Thankfully I try to read people's racing calendars and PR's before I make my High Five Friday list.. Good thing you had one, that would have been embarassing, well for me anyhow..