Friday, March 15, 2013

Six ...

Dear Doodle,

It happened again. I closed my eyes and you woke up a year older. Six. When you are older, six years will seem like no time at all. One day it will be just a piece of you, but right now it is all you know. It's you in your entirety. And I am thankful for every second of those six years. Even the ones that left me questioning my abilities and, perhaps, my sanity.

Doodle, 3 days old ...

Doodle, six years old ...

I won't lie and say that you've been a perfect child. You haven't and I don't expect you to be. But you are perfect to me - all of your strengths and weaknesses make you exactly who you are, exactly who I love and exactly who you should be. And today, on your birthday, I want to celebrate everything you are. Good, bad and in between.

Doodle, you are a beautiful and intelligent child. Don't ever let anyone tell you otherwise. And more than that I want you to remember all the things that make you that way.
  • Your eyes are the most amazing shade of blue. Like "stop you in your tracks" blue. Combined with your curly blonde hair, you will be a force to be reckoned with as a teen. No doubt your dad will be chasing the boys away.
  • You are the most well behaved child. You follow the rules and you thrive on structure. Your perfectionist tendencies will take you far in life.
  • You are the most challenging child I have ever met. You can go from angel to devil in an instant. Your tantrums and freak outs put your sisters' to shame. Fortunately, your shining moments are so much more prevalent that I can look past your outbursts and see them for what they really are - an attempt to be in complete control.
  • Your athletic prowess is stunning. I know you would excel at whatever you set your mind to. Remember to follow your passions, not mine (although I hope they align).
  • Your competitive streak is something fierce. Don't let that die down. Sure, people may call you pushy, driven or controlling. Don't listen to them. Just remember to only compete with yourself. I promise you that your drive will push you to your limits and show you all that you can be. And Doodle, my dear, you can be anything that you want.
  • Your compassionate nature is second to none. Embrace that. There is nothing wrong with showing emotion. It doesn't make you weak. It makes you human.
Doodle, there is an endless stream of things that have made you the person you are today and I just hope that you always stay true to yourself regardless of the outcome. Celebrate your uniqueness. It's worth celebrating, today on your birthday and every day in between.

I love you my little butter bean. Happy 6th birthday.



fancy nancy said...

What an awesome letter!! Happy birthday Doodle!!

Johann said...

Great stuff! Happy Birthday!

BeePieRuns said...

Lovely! Happy Birthday, Doodle :)

Mustang said...

Sniff always. I want a birthday letter.

Katherine - Real Food Runner said...

just found your blog!!!

Katherine - Real Food Runner said...

just found your blog!!!