Thursday, March 21, 2013

Three Things Thursday ...

Swim Props - On Tuesday morning, I hit the pool for 2500 meters. My main set was 12x100 meters  at 1:45 with a 20 second rest. I was feeling strong. I was feeling like I was working. Right before my last 100, the guy in the lane next to me asked if I was doing intervals (he was). I said yes. He asked what my workout was and I told him at which point he turned to me and said,

"Oh! You're a real swimmer."

Part of me wanted to laugh and say, "Obviously, you don't know any real swimmers." But, instead, I just said, "Thanks," and went back to swimming. It occurred to me later that his comment was a huge compliment and that until then, I really didn't consider myself a real swimmer. Kind of like the person who says their not a real runner just because they haven't done X, Y or Z or because they don't run a certain pace.

Truth is, I am a real swimmer. Sure, I've never had a day of instruction in my life and the first time I swam 50 meters continuously was only 15 months ago. It doesn't matter. I'm owning my epicness ...

Mouth Muscles - The other day Dilly and I were driving to pick her sisters up from school. Halfway there, she started a conversation with me about exercise.

Dilly: "Mom, did you know if you exercise you have more energy?"
Me: "Sure do. I exercise every day."
Dilly: "Me too. I can exercise when I am on the couch."
Me: "Um, OK."
Dilly: "And Dizzle is always exercising her mouth muscles ..."

Yup, she said it. Dizzle never shuts up ...

Here Comes the Bride - This afternoon, we are headed to Pennsylvania for my sister's wedding. While I am very excited for the actual festivities, I am really not looking forward to the 7+ hour drive or the fact that the high temperatures are expected to be below freezing and it is currently snowing there. I moved south for a reason and part of it was so that I never had to wear a strapless gown in the cold.

Honestly though, I know we'll have a blast even if we are going to, as Doodle puts it, "a wedding in the middle of nowhere ..."


Paulette said...

Yay for feeling like a real swimmer! Happy wedding to your sis too. :)

Anonymous said...

Your kids are just too cute and too funny!!! Have fun at the wedding!!

Colleen said...

You rock that "real swimmer" status girl! You've made HUGE improvements in that discipline!!!

Love the mouth muscle comment. Awesome!

Hope you have a great trip!

Kate @ The Wife That Prays said...

Ha Ha! You're kids crack me up! Hope you have a fantastic weekend at the wedding!

Kate McDowell said...

Getting compliments at the pool is the best! Rock on girl :) said...

Hahahaha! That's awesome! Gotta love those young ones :)
And yes, that set makes you a real swimmer!!