Monday, October 25, 2010

you wanted to know, questions 46-50 ...

When I had my 1,000 mile giveaway, a requirement for entry was to ask me a question. Any question. And I promised to answer them in a series of posts. Here are questions 46-50 ...

julie asked, "What is your favorite running quote?"

I'm not really sure it's a running quote, but I have always loved this one.

"Nothing’s better than the wind to your back, the sun in front of you, and your friends beside you.” ~ Aaron Douglas Trimble

Sounds like the perfect run to me ...

Anne asked, "How do you think you would deal with injury? The kind where you can't run for a while, maybe a long while?"

I've touched upon this before. And I'm not quite sure how I would handle it. I'm almost positive it would drive me CRAZY! I really fear injury. And not just because it sucks. But because I am scared about what it would do to me both mentally and physically.

You see, when I was 12, I broke my pelvis and dislocated my hip playing soccer. I was stuck in bed for three month (only allowed to get up to go to the bathroom and wash up - which I couldn't do alone). During that time, I ate to feel better. And I gained a ton of weight. Almost 50 pounds. The day of the pelvis break, I weighed 125 pounds. The day I went back to school (I had to be homeschooled while I healed), I weighed 170 pounds and hadn't grown an inch. And honestly, I am scared that if I ever had another long-term injury, it would happen again.

Running Diva Mom asked, "What time do you go to bed, knowing that you have been having to get up early every day for your runs? Do you ever have trouble getting to sleep?"

I usually start to fall asleep on the sofa between 9 and 9:30 p.m. And although I know I should go get in bed when I start to doze, I generally don't make it upstairs for about another hour (I tend to feel like I don't have enough energy to climb the stairs).

But, once I make my way to bed, I am usually out cold in a few minutes. My day is tiring and I like my sleep. The combination of those factors usually guarantees that I'm not hit with insomnia.

(Note: Although I go to bed by 10 most nights, I would go to bed by 8 if it was a perfect world.)

Cathleen asked, "Where is your favorite place to run in Richmond?"

Hands down. Belle Isle. The trails are flat and the views are scenic. I absolutely love it.

jamie.louise asked, "What do you drink/eat/ingest during a run?"

It depends on the run and the season.

During the Summer, I carry water with me on any run of four miles or more. In the Spring and Fall, it's on runs of over six miles. And in the Winter, it's on runs of 10 or more. I tend to drink during a run based on thirst and temperature is usually the number one factor that determines how thirsty I am.

As for food, I am loyal to Chocolate Outrage GU. During training runs, I take one every 6-8 miles and during races of 10 miles or over, I take one every 4-5 miles. And it MOSTLY works for me.

With that said, I would really like to hear all of your fueling strategies for the half distance and over. I know I need to start replacing sodium, but haven't found an effective method. So what are your thoughts?


Lady Em said...

so, i know triathlon is a lot different than just straight out running, but I swear by the endurolyte salt tabs. i take 2 before a race, and periodically while on the bike depending on how long the ride is, usually once an hour. Then i will take 2 right before the run. I am a calf cramp sufferer and I have to take them to keep the cramps at bay but it really has made a big difference!

Leah @ Chasing Atalanta said...

I'm not a triathlete, but I also use Endurolytes by Hammer Nutrition. They make a huge difference during long runs.

shellyrm aka jogging stroller mama said...

Gu/Chomps/PBJ and electrolyte replacment drink and whatever yummies are at the aid stations (ultras have the best!)

Marlene said...

I have the exavt same fear of injury and weight. Here's hoping we can both stay healthy!!

giraffy said...

I'm a new runner, but I love ShotBlocs for long hikes (over 10 miles), as well as mixing up gatorade/powerade/etc with water.

Amanda - RunToTheFinish said...

love that quote, what a great mental image

Kevin said...

A fellow Half-Fanatic. Let me know if you are ever in the FL area.


oakley said...

Love this line; "Nothing’s better than the wind to your back, the sun in front of you, and your friends beside you.” ~ Aaron Douglas Trimble

jamie.louise said...

Thanks for answering my question! My husband loves GU and especially the chocolate outrage as well as vanilla bean. I tend to not like them as much and I have been using the Cliff shot-blocks. I love them. I've heard so much about what to use, and it's good to see that it seems to be like most what is best for you! I do use an electrolyte drink instead of water for our longer runs and wonder sometimes if I'm overdoing it with also using the shot-blocks.

momof3 said...

I've also been converted to the salt stick (salt tabs) theory. I like them because they don't mess with anything else. You can take them, and still take your GU.

I took 2 on Sunday before the long run, and, yea, pretty much I survived without chills, an ER visit or passing out under an over pass. All good things when you consider... so, I will take 2 on M-day, and depending on the temp, I will take them periodically during the race.