Tuesday, May 5, 2009

peer pressure

Unless you have been on a different planet recently, you know that Dizzle isn't the best with the whole swimming thing. But I am over it, I'm not going to pressure her anymore. She will continue to go to swim classes, but if she freaks out, oh well.

Instead, I'm trying a new tactic. PEER PRESSURE. Sure, your mom always told you not to give into peer pressure. But that was with drugs. And drinking. And outrageous behavior. This is swimming. Not exactly the same thing.

Back to my point, we are using peer pressure. Peer pressure from Doodle. I figured that if anything would get me motivated, it would be my little sister being better at something than me. And I'm hoping Dizzle feels the same way.

Because, last night, Doodle started swim lessons. And aside from the initial fear of getting in the water, Doodle rocked it. She kicked. She splashed. She jumped in. She went under. All things Dizzle refuses to do. So when we came home Doodle and I told Dizzle all the fun things we had done. And you know what Dizzle said?

"Mom, I am going to cry at swimming tomorrow."

Yes, Dizzle. That's what I figured.

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