Friday, September 30, 2011

Zensah Fitness Bra Review ...

When it comes to sports bras, I can wear pretty much anything. I've been blessed (or cursed) with an extremely small chest (36AA, maybe a 36A on a good day), so even if a bra offers minimal support, I can usually get away with it.

With that said, there are still some things I look for when making a bra purchase:
  • Style - Cute colors and cuts are a plus, especially on the rare days when I run "clear."
  • Price - Running clothes are expensive. I'd rather not spend a fortune on an item people aren't going to see.
  • Fit - Bras that give me unsightly bulges need not apply.
Recently, I was given the opportunity to test and review the Zensah Fitness Bra, a medium-impact bra designed specifically for smaller chested women (sizes range from 30AB - 36A). At first, I laughed. It humored me that the people at Zensah realized that this bra would actually fit me. But, once I checked out the Fitness Bra, I was really excited.

From the site:

"Zensah has developed the most comfortable fitness bra. The innovative fitness bra is made with Zensah Fabric which is thermal regulating. This allows you to never feel too hot or too cold, providing increased while you are engaged in fitness. This is an ideal fitness top for all levels.

The Zensah Fitness Bra has moisture wicking technology that keeps you dry. With a seamless construction and Zensah fabric, the Zensah Fitness Bra is the best fitness bra on the market. This high-performance fitness bra offers superior comfort and support."

I was intrigued. Plus, I love my Zensah compression socks and the Fitness Bra is wicked cute. Sign me up.

(Front and Rear views, post 10 miler)

  • Ultra comfortable - Zensah's compression technology was supportive without being restrictive.
  • Stylish - Available in black and pink, the Fitness Bra matches 90% of my wardrobe.
  • Sweat Wicking - Despite the 75 degree tempertures and 90% humidity, I remained comfortable.
  • Price - At $31.99, the Fitness Bra is competitively priced and fits in my budget.
  • Design - The thin straps and seamless design were some of my favorite features of this bra. Plus, it looks good under a wide range of tops from tanks to compression gear.
  • Functionality - Although the Fitness Bra is marketed as a medium-impact bra, I was able to run in it for distances of over 10 miles.
  • Minimizing - The compression technology of the Fitness Bra made me look smaller than I already am.
  • Hot Spot - Despite the seamless design, I chafed where the bra hit on my left side. A minor inconvenience that was ultimately corrected with a little Body Glide on subsequent runs.
Overall, I loved this bra and would definitely recommend it for the smaller-chested runner.

Note: I was provided this item for free. However, the opinions stated here are solely my own.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Three Things Thursday ...

Music - I'm sure that as a child, I listened to my fair share of children's music. Old MacDonald. Puff the Magic Dragon. On Top of Spaghetti. You know, the classics.

But that's not what I remember. What I do remember, however, is listening to classic rock. I remember singing Creedence Clearwater Revival and Crosby Stills Nash and Young in the backseat of my parents' car. Basically, I remember listening exactly what my parents listened to.

Because of that, I am the same way with my children. Yes, there are a few select Disney songs on our iPods, but for the most part, my kids listen to what we listen to. At ages 6, 4 and 2, they know all the words to Goodnight My Angel by Billy Joel, as well as every last syllable of Ke$ha's Take it Off. That's just how we roll.

So, I was beyond ecstatic when Dizzle came home from school yesterday talking about The Beatles and singing Heroes by David Bowie. So awesome. I'm loving her music teacher right now.

Dizzle's new favorite song:

Gangstas - I'm starting to think that my children are leaning towards living a thug life. First, there was this photo.

I mean, look at Dilly, she looks like a baby mobster. And don't even get me started on the Fedoras.

Then, I realized that both Doodle and Dilly had started referring to Dizzle as "K-Fa." What?!?! That's not even remotely close to her name, but it is kind of bada** and is definitely gangsta.

Compression - You know you're a runner when, you think wearing this is acceptable ...

Aspaeris Pivot Shorts, Tommie Copper Knee Sleeves, RunLove Compression Socks

That much compression should be illegal. Oh, wait. Maybe, I'm the gangsta my kids are learning from ...

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: Pants Fail ...

Side effect of potty training: Pants that no longer fit.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

creature of habit ...

I am most definitely a creature of habit. I follow a schedule based on whether its a "run" day or not and whether I have a morning or an evening workout scheduled. Other than these little variables, day in and day out, I follow my routine with little deviation. I've got the system down so well that I usually don't need to look at the clock to stay on track.

Take my morning routine for example.

If we are running from our usual spot, which is generally the case, I need to get up a half hour before the start of the run. It takes about 12 minutes to drive there and I like to give myself a little cushion (3-4 minutes). That leaves me 15 minutes to get dressed, put on my Garmin, fill my water bottle, check my email for last minute cancellations and eat a protein bar. Since I choose my outfit the night before and my posse doesn't care if I show up with morning breath, 15 minutes is usually more than enough time. So, 30 minutes before a 5:30 run, means a 5:00 a.m. wake up. But, every so often, we run at 5:00 or 5:15. Today was one of those days.

Last night, before getting into bed, I set my alarm for 4:45 a.m. I double checked it just to be safe and went to sleep. So, when it went off this morning, I got up like usual, shut it off (as to not wake up J) and followed my normal routine. I briefly looked at the clock, saw that it was at a time that I was accustomed to seeing, grabbed my keys and headed out the door. The same as any other day.

But, it wasn't like any other day, because when I got in the car and turned it on, I finally looked at the clock long enough for it to sink in.


My internal dialogue went a little something like this:

Huh? The clock must be wrong. I got up at 4:45.

Grab the cell phone. 4:44.

Seriously? What's going on here? When are we running? 5:15. Crap. I don't need to leave yet.

Can I go back inside? Nope, if I wake up the girls, J is going to freak.

I could go there and wait. Yup. I'll just wait.

Who the #$%! touched my alarm clock?

Whatever. I'll just go run.

And that's what I did. I ran before the run. But the entire drive over, all I could think was ...

1. If someone wanted to pull a killer joke on me, all they would need to do is change my alarm clock.

2. If the power ever goes out and my alarm still goes off once it comes back on, I'm totally going to end up running at like 2 a.m. or something and not realize it until I am done.

I guess that's what I get for being so stuck in my routine. But, I can't be the only one this has happened to.

Note: J said he hit a button on the alarm clock before going to bed, but he saw that the alarm was still set so he thought it was OK. What actually happened was that he set the other alarm on the clock which was preset for 4:30 a.m.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Rock Your Socks 5K/10K Virtual Race Results ...

The results of the 2nd Annual Rock Your Socks 5K/10K are in. But first, I'd like to take a second to thank everyone who contributed to my NYC Marathon Fundraising HERE. Since May 18th, I have raised $3,226, exceeding my initial $3,000 goal. Without your generous contributions, this would not have been possible. So, thank you again for your support of my goals, as well as those of Grassroot Soccer.

Now, for the results ...

Tonia: 22:04 (not included in prizes)
Kortni: 22:54
Earth Momma Mer: 30:34
Lyndsey: 30:34
MCM Mama: 31:03
The Jesse: 31:41
Melanie: 36:56
Becka and A: 43:10

G: 53:52
Jess: 55:12
Heather: 1:03:xx

And the prizes ...

5K Winner: Kortni
10K Winner: G
Random Prize, Everyday Endurance Gift Certificate: Earth Momma Mer
Random Prize, Tommie Copper Gear: Jess

Thanks to everyone for participating. If you won, email me at racingwithbabes(at)yahoo(dot)com to claim your prizes!

Friday, September 23, 2011

becoming a runner ...

Do you know what I think is the hardest thing about becoming a runner? The long runs? The endless hunger? The blood, sweat and cupcakes?

Well, you can see my answer on my guest post HERE on Strawberries and Tea.

And if finding out my answer isn't enticing enough, Strawberries and Tea is currently hosting a Sunfood Giveaway HERE, where they will choose five (5) winners.

So, go check it out. I mean, really, my awesomeness and free stuff, what are you waiting for?

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Three Things Thursday ...

Race Pace - Yesterday morning, I couldn't fathom getting out of bed to run. 9 consecutive days of early morning runs had finally caught up with me. So, instead, I told J to shut off the alarm and I went back to sleep. In the moment, it felt great. By mid-afternoon, I regretted it. I knew I still had to run and kind of wished I had just sucked it up and gone at 5 a.m.

Thankfully, however, once I was able to get my run in, I crushed it. First six miles at marathon pace (8:49) and since I was feeling so good, the last three miles were at half marathon pace (8:20). 9 miles in 1:17:57 = Awesomesauce. I totally needed that run.

Rock N Roll Providence - G and I registered for the 2012 Rock N Roll Providence Half earlier this week. They are offering a $65 entry fee to the first 500 registrants and since the two of us had already made tentative plans for this race to be our "Girls' Weekend," we really had no choice, but to register. Sure, it's no Bermuda or San Francisco, but we both have family there and it's convenient enough that maybe we can finally convince some of the posse to join us.

Virtual Race - Have you registered for my virtual race HERE yet? It's my way of saying thank you for donating to Grassroot Soccer for my NYC Marathon fundraising. So, if you've already donated and want a chance to win some great prizes HERE, all you need to do is let me know your race distance, name and blog address (if applicable). If you haven't donated and want to race, head over to my fundraising page HERE, make a donation of any size and then send me the above info.

The race runs through Sunday, September 25th and the winners will be announced on the 26th. And don't forget to send me a link to your finishing time and race report link once you are done.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

condensed epicness ...

Remember that time I ran a little race called Hood to Coast? Well, what I never mentioned was that Nuun sent a videographer (or two) along for the ride. This is what they came up with. 27 hours and 59 minutes of epicness condensed into four minutes. Check it out ...

Nuun | Hood to Coast from eric becker on Vimeo.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

sock obsession ...

Recently, the lovely Rachel at Running Backwards in High Heels asked if I would do a post about my socks. I pretty much agreed instantly and kind of wondered why I hadn't done one before, especially considering that my socks are what I most often get asked about.

The thing was that I didn't really know where to start. Yes, I love my socks. And yes, I have a ton of them. (This is the current state of my sock drawer, it's double stacked)

But, I don't really have a good reason for wearing them. Most of the time, they are more about fashion than function. Percentage wise, I have significantly fewer pairs of compression socks than anything else.

So, here it is, my sock collection. I didn't realize how much of a problem I had until I laid them all out.

Compression SocksLittle MissMatched
Reebok All Sport Socks from Dick's Sporting GoodsRandom socks, mostly won in giveaways or sent to me by other bloggers

Crazy, right? Something like 50-60 pairs there. I think I need an intervention.

And since I get asked the same questions a lot, I figured I'd answer them all now.

What are your favorite compression socks?: CEP, but if you are on a budget SwiftSocks by Running Skirts are a close second and are half the price.

How/Why did you start wearing them?: The night before the 2009 Richmond Marathon it was forecasted to be cooler than usual at the start, so I went out to buy socks to use as arm warmers. Instead, I found pink and white striped socks for both G and me. I wore them that day and got so many shout outs along the course that I vowed that I would never run with out them again.

Do you ever run without them?: Never. It could be 100 degrees out or I could be alone on my treadmill, regardless, I still rock the socks.

Are they compression?: Sometimes, but not usually.

Do you get blisters?: I have never had a blister and I have never worn running socks underneath them to prevent myself from getting one. Nor do I use Body Glide on my feet.

Do they make you hot?: No, not at all. But, I am acclimated to them. I wouldn't recommend wearing knee high socks on a 90 degree day if you've never worn them before.

Do they slide down?: Nope. Not even once.

Do I have to wear knee highs to run with you?: No, put it is preferred. I'm kidding. Mostly.

Monday, September 19, 2011

ReeseStrong 5K Recap ...

Location: Mechanicsville, VA
Date: 9/17/11
Temperature: 55 degrees
Official Time: 22:04 (7:07 pace), 2:05 minute PR
Place in Age Group (25-29): 1/12
Place in Gender: 3/123
Overall Place: 23/234

As of Friday afternoon, this race was NOT on my schedule. Since I am currently in the middle of marathon training, it can be hard to fit in a 5K. But, due to the fact that a couple of my runs went over mileage earlier in the week, I only needed 5 miles on Saturday. I knew Earth Momma Mer was running a 5K and in the morning and I also knew the weather was going to be perfect for running fast. So, at 8 p.m. on Friday, I decided to race. The next morning, I woke up and headed over to the event to register, ran a one mile warmup and raced my tail off.

The Good:

The Course: The mostly flat course started with a slight downhill into a residential neighborhood that I have been fortunate enough to run in before. I had a rough idea of what to expect, including the quarter mile climb back to the finish.

My Pace: My goal for this race was to run around 7:30 per mile for the duration of the race. I had run a 7:41 pace for 4.14 miles at Hood to Coast, on little sleep and food, so it seemed simple enough. Right around the one mile mark, I glimpsed down at my watch and saw that I was at a 7:10 pace and that there were only 3 or 4 women ahead of me. At that point I decided that instead of watching the clock, I would listen to my body. If I felt like I could push it, I would. If I needed to back off, I'd do that. As long as no one with a ponytail passed me, it was all good.

The strategy worked. I hit my goal and I didn't check my watch until the finish.

My Placing: 3rd woman overall. 1st in the 25-29 age group. Pretty much the coolest thing ever.

The Outfit: I have to admit that when I got to the start in my new Lululemon skirt and purple SwiftSocks, the other people at the front of the pack looked at me like, "This is a joke, right? She can't possibly run fast enough to be standing with us." (Note the dude in the orange cap giving us the crazy eyes)

It was either that, or they were jealous of "The Quads." Not really sure, but either way, I think I proved that fashion and speed are not mutually exclusive.

My Finishing Kick: When I turned the corner into the finishing chute, I could see that the clock still read, 21:xx. A sub-22 was within my grasp, I kicked it into overdrive and my last .1 was at a 5:36 pace. That is just insane.

The Weather: 55 degrees. Overcast. Light winds. A runner's heaven.

The Bad:

Tired Legs: Since I didn't decide to run this race until 8 p.m. the night before, I hadn't had a rest day in the 5 days prior. And I was just 24 hours off a quick 9 miler. I had run 34 miles in the four days. I have to wonder if fresh legs would have made a difference between 22:04 and sub-22.

The Ugly:

Let's be honest, there was no ugly.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Dilly's Running Debut ...

Yesterday morning, G, KC and I met for our first preschool run of the school year. It was blistering hot. We had to push a double stroller despite only having one kid with us. And my shoulder is weak, not really up to pushing a stroller, so G and KC had to pick up the slack. But other than that, we crushed it. Our seventh (and final) mile was our fastest at an 8:20. Talk about awesomesauce.

When we were about 4 miles into the run, Dilly started making a fuss that she wanted to get out of the stroller and run. I told her she could when we got back. So, when the Garmin beeped at 7 miles. We stopped and Dilly got out of the stroller to make her running debut, a .1 mile jog back to our house.

I handed the camera to our photographer and gave her a pep talk.

And then we were off.

She insisted on holding my hand.

But she ran the whole way.

It was an awesome thing to share with her. She was so proud and talked about it all day.

Later, when I tucked her into bed, we had this conversation:

Me: Dilly, I had an awesome day with you.
Dilly: Who did we run with?
Me: Miss G and Miss KC.
Dilly: Why?
Me: Because we like to run. Did you run with Mommy?
Dilly: Yes, I did.
Me: Was it awesome?:
Dilly: Yes, it was. I drinked Nuun.

And with that, I just laughed. I thought we had created her first running memory, but all she cared about was drinking Nuun. Go figure.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Three Things Thursday ...

School - On Tuesday, Doodle started her final year of preschool. To say she was excited would be an understatement. I swear my kids can't run away from me fast enough. Seriously. Need proof? This was Doodle in the fall of 2008 when she found out that Dizzle got to go to school and she had to come home with me.

If it wasn't so hilarious, I'd be upset.
But, the tears are behind us. Doodle was nothing but smiles as we left for school.

And yes, I flat-ironed my 4 year old's hair. And no, I don't see a problem with that.

Exercise - In addition to preschool starting on Tuesday, so did soccer. Not only do I love soccer, but it's a great way to tire your kids out for the rest of the day. (Note: Dizzle's in the pink top)

Another great way to tire your kids out is to host group exercise classes in your playroom. A few nights ago while I was cleaning up after dinner, I overheard J coaching the girls through core strengthening exercises and stretches. This is what I walked in on ...

Isn't that how your family bonds?

Virtual Race - Have you registered for my virtual race HERE yet? It's my way of saying thank you for donating to Grassroot Soccer for my NYC Marathon fundraising. So, if you've already donated and want a chance to win some great prizes HERE, all you need to do is let me know your race distance, name and blog address (if applicable). If you haven't donated and want to race, head over to my fundraising page HERE, make a donation of any size and then send me the above info.

The race runs through Sunday, September 25th and the winners will be announced on the 26th. And don't forget to send me a link to your finishing time and race report link once you are done.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: Skating

Running Skirt and Knee Highs: Not just for logging miles anymore ...

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

goals? what goals?

Back when I was training for National Marathon last winter, I had had enough of marathons. It was my second one in five months and I was ready to be done. But then, I ran the Princess Half and met Ethan Zohn (of Survivor fame) and he offered me a spot on his Grassroot Soccer NYC Marathon team.

How could I say no?

So, that was that. November 2011, I would be running another marathon. The goal from day one was always HAVE FUN. No time goals. No pressure.

But, then training started. And the miles started building. My pace zones were set for an uber-goal. The perfect day goal. I started to think, maybe that uber-goal wasn't so far-fetched. Who cares that this crazy plan I'm using peaks with a 16 mile long run? Maybe I should go for it.

Then, I caught a case of FOMO (fear of missing out) and registered for the Richmond Marathon with the posse (Note: I really hope this is the last marathon for a while, just saying). It's 6 days after NYC. That would be my "fun" race. Don't worry about time, just cover the miles.

It just fueled the fire. Burn it up at NYC. Cruise to the finish at Richmond. But wait, 26.2 is no cake walk. I started to doubt it all.

And then there's that 70.3 I'm registered for. It's my 2012 "A" race and the training cycle starts right after Richmond. Like the Monday after Richmond. But maybe it should start now? Which would mean less focus and time spent towards hitting that uber-goal at NYC (however, I might be better prepared for the 70.3 in that scenario). But wasn't that the plan anyway? Run for fun?

Needless to say, I have no focus or goals right now. And that doesn't work for me. Anyone want to tell me what to do?

Monday, September 12, 2011

unplanned ...

I am 100% Type-A. I like order and structure. I make lists for lists. I plan and execute, sooner rather than later. I tackle challenges. I push myself. And usually, things work out the way they are supposed to.

Recently, however, the plan J and I had for our family, went awry. We thought we had it mostly figured out, then came the curve ball. The one thing that we hadn't accounted for.

And it sucked. At first, we were angry (well, mostly J. I'm kind of chill). Then, we were annoyed. But eventually, we realized that the world wasn't ending. That the unplanned, might just be for the best (it's all about perspective, right?). We have each other. We're a team. And that's what's important.

I was once again shown the value of the unplanned on yesterday's run. G and I met for a quick four miles. We picked a location and started running an out and back course. But, then, we decided to veer off course because we thought we knew where we were going. We were wrong. We made turn after turn with fingers crossed that we'd get back without logging twice the planned mileage.

For 40 minutes (and for only a quarter mile longer than planned), we navigated the streets of the West End while laughing about everything and nothing at all.

(Seriously, we always have this much fun.)

It was a run that reminded me about how lucky am to have found my "solemate" and how fortunate I am to have a husband that is so supportive of my training. It made me smile a little about how the unplanned moments have gotten us to this exact place. It's right where we're supposed to be.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Virtual Race: 2nd Annual Rock Your Socks 10K/5K

As you know, I am running the NYC Marathon this November with Grassroot Soccer. Up until now, my fundraising efforts have been a huge success, thanks in no small part to many of you. I truly appreciate everyone who has helped me reach my goals.

So, as my way of saying thank you (and, I won't lie, to drum up some more donations), I am hosting the 2nd Annual Rock Your Socks Virtual Race (the inaugural race was a 10K/Half Marathon last May). This year's event will consist of a 5K and a 10K division and the only requirement for entry is that you make a contribution of any size to my fundraising HERE. (Note: If you already donated, you do NOT need to make another donation. But, feel free to!)

Want to "register"? Here are the details:

2nd Annual Rock Your Socks Virtual 5k and 10K

WHEN: Anytime between Monday, September 12th and Sunday, September 25th


COST: A donation of any size to my NYC Marathon Fundraising HERE

WHAT YOU SHOULD DO: Comment on this post to let me know you are in! Please include your name, race distance and blog address (if applicable). And don't forget to invite all your friends to join in.

Then, some time between the 12th and 25th, pick your course and run your race (knee high socks optional). When you are done email me at racingwithbabes (at) yahoo (dot) com with a link to your race report and your finish time.

AWARDS: Four (4) prizes will be awarded.
  • First place finishers in both the 5K and 10K divisions will win 6 GUs (4 Jet Blackberry, 2 Lemon Sublime), 2 packages of Honey Stingers and 1 Clif Bar
  • One randomly drawn racer will win a $100 gift certificate to Everyday Endurance
  • One randomly drawn racer will win a Tommie Copper prize pack (Compression Shirt, Calf Sleeves and Hat - winner chooses sizes)
Sounds like fun, doesn't it? So, are you in?

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Three Things Thursday ...

Potty Training - Despite her initial hesitation, Dilly is rocking this whole potty training thing. Just one pee accident over the first two days, and even then, she "caught" herself. I can not express enough how ecstatic I am that this doesn't look like it's going to be a 7 month ordeal like it was with Doodle.

Unfortunately, or maybe fortunately depending on how you look at it, Dilly is working the system. She's peeing pretty much every five minutes or so, just to get the marshmellow "reward." Yeah, I'm being played. Now if I could only convince her that she's not going to get sucked into the toilet if she goes number two ...

Thunderstorms, revisited - After missing my run yesterday morning due to thunderstorms, I had to find the time to squeeze in my run little by little throughout the day. And that's exactly what I did. Between 7:30 a.m. and 12:30 p.m., I logged 8 miles over 5 runs with an average pace of 8:46. Apparently, trying to squeeze in a mile before someone freaks out will make you run fast. Also, it will prove that there is ALWAYS time to work out.

Virtual Race - In case you missed it yesterday, starting next week I will be hosting a Virtual 5K/10K. Entry will be open to anyone who has made a contribution to my NYC Marathon Fundraising (HERE). Plus, as an incentive, there will be some great prizes up for grabs from Everyday Endurance, Tommie Copper and Gu Energy. So, if you want to play along, now's the time to donate. Look for more details tomorrow.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

thunderstorms ...

One of the things that I love about running is that you can do it almost anywhere, at any time, under any conditions. In the past four years, I have run in temperatures over 90 degrees and below zero. I have run under clear blue skies and in the pouring rain and in feet of snow. If I have the right gear, nothing is going to stop me from finishing my run.

Well, nothing but thunderstorms.

I 100% absolutely refuse to run during a thunderstorm. And my paranoia is quite extreme. All it takes to stop me in my tracks is the sound of thunder off in the distance. If I wake up for my run and hear thunder, I get back in bed. Not even being en route to meet my posse is enough to keep me from crawling back into bed. In fact, I've driven halfway to a run and then returned home after seeing a single bolt of lightning.

I'm a chicken. A chicken who doesn't want to be a fried chicken.

On most days, this "no thunderstorm" rule I have applied doesn't really affect my running. If I miss my morning run with GBA, I just make it up that evening on my treadmill. Or if I'm lucky, outside when J gets home. But, today, for the first time that I can remember, a thunderstorm has tripped me up.

When I woke up at 4:30 a.m. to meet the posse for eight miles, the thunder was so loud it shook the house. I knew I had zero time to run later, so I tried to convince myself to go. But all I kept thinking was, "J will kill me if the thunderstorm doesn't." So, I stayed in bed.

And then I regretted it. I have mandatory orientation for Doodle's school tonight at 7 - right when I would normally "make up" my run. Crap.

I started thinking, "What about during the day?" Two kids, a double stroller and rain/thunderstorms all day. Not a chance. Double crap.

Then, it hit me. I would run one mile at a time, whenever I could squeeze it in. A mile while the girls have a picnic lunch next to the treadmill? Sure. A mile immediately after and before potty training sessions with Dilly? Why not. Bribing my children with chocolate so that I can grab 9 minutes for a run? No shame in that.

As of 9 a.m., I've finished three miles, thanks in large part to the fact that J stuck around a few extra minutes this morning, so that I could. I'm not really sure how this is all going to play out, but I am confident in saying that it won't be easy, but at least I won't be a fried chicken ...

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

new things ...

This week, our family is all about trying new things.

On Friday, we bought a new car - a 2011 Chevy Traverse, which brought an end to my chauffeuring services.

On Sunday, we became members at the Science Museum of Virginia. Most of us just expanded our minds, Doodle just lost her head.

And today, Dizzle started the first grade.

And although, my photo taking skills were lacking this morning, she still seems so much older than when I sent her off to Kindergarten last fall.

But, perhaps the most momentous event to happen to us this week is that Dilly has begun potty training.

It's going horribly. She keeps asking for her diaper and is calling me a "meanie," but we'll survive. Hopefully ...

Monday, September 5, 2011

zapped ...

If Hood to Coast taught me one thing, it was that I can run wicked fast on two hours of sleep. My fastest leg, and perhaps best run of my life, came seven hours (including the two that I slept) after an 8K PR. I now know, I have the mental and physical strength to push through.

But, you can only push through for so long. Right now, I am zapped. The last 19 days have been so hectic and crazy and exciting and worth cherishing that I have been pushing through to make sure I don't miss anything.

And it's finally caught up to me.

Since August 18th, I have ...
  • Driven 11+ hours to and from Rhode Island and then another 3+ hours from Rhode Island to New Hampshire (and back) with three small children along for the ride.
  • Flown cross country twice in five days.
  • Ran/Survived/Crushed Hood to Coast.
  • Logged 107.88 miles.
  • Bought a new car.
  • Dealt with some "life stresses"
  • Eaten nothing but crap.
  • Made new friends and amazing memories.
  • Managed my family and maintained our home.
  • Prepped for my children's return to school.
  • Forgotten to sleep.
And now, I am paying for it all. I can barely stay awake. I had the most sucktastic 14 mile run yesterday. And I might be slightly moody. But, I wouldn't really know. You'd have to ask J.

So, to remedy, I am hitting reset. Taking the rest that I need. Sleeping as much as I can. Eating something other than the jumbo chocolate chip cookies that are sitting on our stove. Because if I don't, I'm pretty sure that things are going to get pretty ugly around here.

Friday, September 2, 2011

August Rewind ...

Eight months down, four to go. Here's my recap of August 2011 ...

Run Miles Planned/Miles Ran:

Bike Miles Planned/Mile Rode: 0/0 (seriously need to stop slacking on the bike)

Rest Days Planned/Rest Days Taken: 8/7

Highest Run Mileage Week: 8/22-2/28: 43.13 miles

Highest Bike Mileage Week: none. oops.

Long Runs Planned/Long Runs Completed: 4/4 (with a post-surgery distance PR of 14 miles)

Current Book: Amazingly, I read one and a half books this month. While in Rhode Island, I finished reading Running on Empty by Marshall Ulrich. And on my flight home from Seattle, I read The Long Run by Matt Long (thanks Tall Mom for lending it to me). Both books were awesomesauce. I highly recommend reading them ...

Current Shame-Inducing Guilty Pleasure: Does my obsession with all things Nuun count?

Current Colors: Pink and Orange

Current Drink: Grape Nuun. I drink at least 64 oz per day.

Current Song: Tonight, Tonight - Hot Chelle Rae (I sang this song over and over in my head during my Hood to Coast legs).

Current Triumph: I hit 1,200 running miles last week, crushed my first two legs at Hood to Coast and I've raised 105% of my fundraising goal for NYC (click HERE to donate). Things are total awesomesauce ...

Current Goal: Stick to the training plan and crush NYC. And a new half marathon PR along the way ...

Current Blessing: I feel like my whole life is one big blessing and I am entirely grateful.

Current Excitement: School starts on Tuesday. Enough said.

2011 Goals - Status Update:

  • Clean up my diet - I am tracking my food religiously at SparkPeople, survived my sugar detox and have been able to add a small amount of sweets back in without causing a total binge.
  • Eat no more than 25 cupcakes - As of September 2nd - 19 cupcakes eaten
  • Pay off our consumer debt by the end of the year - We have paid off over half of our consumer debt and are on track to be credit card debt free in 10 months. Plus, we are on track to have our student loans eliminated by February 2013, five month ahead of our schedule. And 10 years faster than if we let it go to term.
  • Spend $0 on clothing - As of September 2nd - $178.50 spent - I caved and bought some stuff from Lululemon and a pair of jeans from eBay when my lone pair ripped.
  • Run 2,000 miles - As of September 2nd - 1215.47 miles run.
  • Run a sub 1:55 half marathon - Next race - 10/16, Newport Half Marathon
  • Take 30+ minutes off my marathon - Completed - 3/26, National Marathon, 4:15:48, 33:50 PR.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Three Things Thursday ...

Run Love - This afternoon, Dizzle's school is hosting an Open House to give the children a chance to meet their teacher, check out the classroom and drop off their supplies before the first day of school.

In addition to the $18 million worth of supplies we need to bring, Dizzle's teacher asked us to fill out a questionnaire, so that she could learn a little something about each student. One of the questions was, "Can you recall a moment this summer that made your child proud?" Not wanting to assume, I asked Dizzle to tell me what she was most proud of this summer.

Her reply? "Running the 5K and being in Runner's World."

Yup, at age 6, my kid is a runner ...

How do you say it? - My arrival in Seattle for Hood to Coast, once again proved to me that NO ONE knows how to say my name. I bet you're thinking, "Sure I do. It's said Ton-ya."

And with that you'd be 100% wrong. Only one person has ever said it correctly upon meeting me. And he fessed up to practicing beforehand.

So, let's clear this up right now.

My name is Tonia.

Pronounced: TOE-KNEE-AHH

Got it? Probably not. That's why most people call me T. Or TMB. Or if you happen to be my oldest friend, Moe.

Responsibility - Sometimes being a grown up sucks. That is all.