Monday, June 15, 2009

wet messes ...

15 days ago, we embarked on an adventure. Not necessarily a fun adventure, but an adventure nonetheless. We (and by we I mean I) started potty training Doodle. For real this time. Day one was painful. And messy. And almost enough to make me quit. But we stuck it out. And we survived. And 15 days later, Doodle wore real underwear all day and DID NOT HAVE ONE ACCIDENT!

Did you hear me? NOT A SINGLE ACCIDENT! Sure, she felt the need to lean back as she peed and get it all over me, but at least she didn't go in her pants.

But I am sure that tomorrow, I will be cleaning up urine from something. It would be a miracle if we made it two days without a mess.

And speaking of wet messes, Dizzle is one. She finally started swim lessons with Morgan Swim School today. And like I imagined, she screamed pretty much the entire time. Except when she was actually doing what the instructor told her to do. It kind of went down like this:

Instructor: "We are going to play Humpty Dumpty."

Dizzle: "I don't want to. I don't want to. I've had enough."

Instructor (over Dizzle's yells): "Humpty Dizzle sat on a wall. Humpty Dizzle had a great fall."

And she pulled Dizzle into the water. But before she did, Dizzle managed to stop yelling, take a deep breath in and hold her breath. Then, upon emerging from the water, she blew out the air and spit out any water from her mouth.

So, it's clear that Dizzle was learning the skills. It is also clear that she refuses to do anything without upping the drama. Were her screams necessary? Was she truly scared? No and no. But it sure made things more interesting.

And the best part is that we get to do it all again tomorrow ...

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