Friday, August 23, 2013

Friday Four ...

A lot has been happening around here. With school starting in just 11 days, we are doing our best to continue to make the most of every single second of summer vacation. It's been a blast (moments of attitude aside) and I am really bummed that it's almost over. Well, mostly. I will kind of dig having some more free time while the girls are at school. Anyway, here's a little recap of what's going on in our world.

1. The girls finished up swim lessons yesterday. After numerous hours spent at the Y, they all graduated into higher levels. Dizzle and Doodle actually skipped a level. Not bad considering last summer, everyone was rocking swimmies.

But, the best part might be that Dizzle wants to join swim team. She has one more level of lessons to finish before she can do that, but she's ready to go.

2. Rev3 Cedar Point HalfRev is in 16 days and my training has been going really well. Since figuring out that hypoglycemia was causing/playing into my feeling like crap all the time, I am recovering much better. The goal is still just to have fun out there and cross that finish line, but killing my workouts recently has been building my confidence.

3. When I'm not training and manage to get a second to myself (rare considering how much J has been traveling this summer), I've been hanging out with some pretty epic people. And we're doing things that don't require you to break a sweat. Just last week, we painted some most excellent peacocks.

It was so much fun and I truly feel blessed to have these women in my life.

4. I dyed my hair blue. Eerily similar to the blue peacocks we painted. Since I am growing out the mohawk (for real this time) I wanted something to express my style while dealing with all the awkward hairstyles I'll have in the next few months.

Other than the fact that the dye gets EVERYWHERE. I love it. And the girls are rocking their own color too.

Yup, we're awesomesauce like that.


Heidi said...

hmm tempting me to dye my hair again...can't wait to see you! I'm borrowing a bike box and have the plans all together. just need to re-stock on fuel and salt pills and i'm there :) you and the girls look awesome!

CJ said...

Like the blue! What do you use and where do you get it? My daughters want blue tips & I'm at a loss.

Love the peacocks! Ladies art nights are so fun.