Friday, February 22, 2008

Not another 18 miler ...

Ok, so I'm not really dreading another 18 miler. I've done it before and while it wasn't the best three hours of my life, I can do it again. Rather I am perturbed that I have been sick all week, I feel like I'm dragging and my poor kids and my running are suffering. I don't feel like doing anything but sit on the couch, which is not a preferred activity for an almost three year old and an 11 month old. They want to run, dance and play and I want to sleep. But I am doing my best. When I get little bursts of energy, I dance and I have done a heck of a lot of reading this week ... Sesame Street's "Just the way you are" is our new favorite.

So while I have continued to attempt to be "Supermom", I am so very far from being "Superrunner." In fact, I'm more like "Below Average Runner." I completely missed my eight mile run on Wednesday and while I did manage to get five in yesterday, it was at a pace that my Grandmother could beat ... trust me it was bad. But those are minor concerns to me as I approach my last long run before the marathon. I'm really wondering how I am ever going to finish 18 miles tomorrow? Will I survive? Is it going to take me six hours or will I just get so weak that I simply give up?

I'm not really sure what will happen. All I know is that today is all about rest, carbs and hydration. Hopefully, that's enough to get me through (Albeit, slowly). Send those speedy recovery vibes my way!!

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