Saturday, January 10, 2009

Dizzle. In a sling.

Dizzle is hurt. The most hurt she has been in her entire life (which doesn't really say much, since she's only three, but still). Anyway, my little babycakes is currently sporting a bright pink sling on her left arm to support her sprained elbow. (The best part is that her "sling" is really just a scarf, since we couldn't find a child-sized sling ANYWHERE! And I'm pretty sure that when other people look at her they are thinking, "Look at the cute little girl with her arm in a sling, obviously for a fake injury." Listen, people. It's not fake. Stop giving her that "isn't that cute" look!)

Oh, where was I? So, she has a sprained elbow. At least that's what the doctor's are saying. Me? I'm not 100% convinced that it's only sprained. (Apparently, x-rays for elbows are hard to read, especially on little kids, especially when there is swelling ... so basically we're three-for-three.)

So, how did she get this sprained elbow? Well, long story short. She fell off a cargo net and landed on her elbow. And rather than cry about it (Mama didn't raise no wimp), she continued to take part in her gymnastics class, all while clinching her arm. Finally, after a good 10 minutes or so, she was in enough pain to call it quits (right before her favorite part of class). BIG RED FLAG.

And although she still hadn't shed a tear, I knew this wasn't something she was just going to shake off. So, we tried to limit her movement as much as possible and headed off to the pediatrician's office. Who sent her for x-rays, which like I said, came back clear. Maybe.

So, it's a week of ice, Motrin and the pink sling (if you happen to have or see a child's sling, let me know). And if the swelling hasn't gone down and/or she hasn't regained her range of motion by the end of the week, it's back for round two of x-rays.

But at least she's in good spirits, often telling me, "It still hurts, Mom. But, that's OK, I'll just use the other arm."

That's right, baby. Work with what you got!

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