Sunday, January 18, 2009

mommy-free mornings ...

This morning on my run, I casually mentioned to the girls (my friends, not my children) how I have presented my weekly long runs as "Daddy and the girls" time to J. And amazingly, he has completely bought in.

Every week while I am out pounding the pavement, J and the girls spend the morning snuggling in their pajamas, watching television and making pancakes. And when I get home, I am usually greeted by a cold breakfast, big smiles and Dizzle telling me, "Mommy, go take a shower. You're stinky!" (I'm pretty much convinced that they don't miss me in the least).

Upon returning today, I was presented with the perfect example as to why these mommy-free mornings are a fantastic arrangement for everyone involved. When I walked into the house I found the three of them, still in their pajamas, lying on the floor, tucked under a blanket watching Dumbo. It was absolutely adorable.

And in that moment, I really grasped why these few hours are so important to all of us. For me it's obvious, I get some well-deserved me time where I can catch up with my friends and leave my motherly responsibilities behind.

So what's in it for the girls? Well, Dizzle and Doodle get to bond with their Dad without my nagging and structure. J is a big softy when it comes to his little princesses and when I am gone they can pretty much get away with murder.

And J? Other than getting some alone time with his babies, for a few hours he gets to parent the way he wants to (without my criticism).

Can you imagine a better situation?

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