Thursday, August 13, 2009

baby names ...

So, a bunch of our friends have recently had or are about to have new babies. This recent population boom has peaked Dizzle's interest and she has been asking what seems like a million questions about babies. Yesterday, she asked me, "What happens if you have three babies in your belly." I told her that if you had three babies in your belly, you are about to be really busy. She thought that was a totally suitable answer. So did I.

But of all the questions she has asked and the conversations we've had, my favorite had to be this one:

Dizzle: "When I am a mommy, what will my babies' names be?"

Me: "Well, Dizzle. Their names will be whatever you want them to be."

Dizzle: "I want you to pick."

Me: "I can't. That's not my choice. It's yours. I got to choose the names for my babies. I picked your name and Doodle's name and Dilly's name. Make sense? So, what do you want to name your babies?"

Dizzle: (without hesitation) "Flower Girl and Spiderman"

What great names Dizzle! How did you ever come up with them? I can't hardly wait to be the proud grandmother to Flower Girl and Spiderman.


Carla said...

Tell Dizzle I like where she is going with the names. I may be calling her for help on Monday since we have yet to decide on an official name for the baby boy or girl!

Earth Momma Mer said...

Ha! I'm glad Dizzle is going with something that won't be found on the Top 10 Social Security Baby Names list. ;)