Sunday, August 30, 2009

with splenda and apple juice?

Last week, I was reading an article that claimed there was no such thing as "pregnancy" or "mommy" brain. Apparently, there is no evidence to suggest that during pregnancy (or the 18 years after) women become more prone to forgetting things.

As a mother of three, I would have to disagree. I forget things nearly everyday. Fortunately up to this point, I've never forgotten a child. That would be bad. Sure, I've forgotten to buckle their seat belts, but I've never actually forgotten one of them.

This morning, I proved that this so called "scientific study" was completely inaccurate. You see, I was making myself a well-deserved cup of coffee when I showed the classic symptoms of a brain fart. I had just been thinking to myself, "Oh, I should get the girls some apple juice." Then I opened the fridge, grabbed the milk and poured it into my coffee. About 10 seconds later, when I realized that my coffee was not getting any lighter, I actually looked at my hand. And what was I holding? That's right. The apple juice. Irish cream coffee with a scoop of splenda and a splash of apple juice ... DELICIOUS!

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