Tuesday, November 10, 2009

where are my capris?

On Sunday, I got a day off from child rearing while I attended a workshop. That meant that for the very first time, J had the girls all day. From 7:30-4:30. That's like a good 5 hours longer than he had ever had them before.

I tried to prepare him. Gave him a quick rundown before I left and as I walked out the door, I threw the girls' outfits for the day on the playroom floor. I knew the girls would be OK. I was a little afraid that J might panic (he didn't).

Feeling good about leaving them all day, I went to my training and didn't even think about them again until it was time to nurse Dilly. So, around 1:30 I called J and told him to come over with the girls sometime soon. When he arrived 40 minutes later, I took one look at them and I knew something was off, but I couldn't quite figure out what it was. I checked them all one by one. J was normal. Dilly was as cute as ever. Doodle had some CRAZY hair working, but she was fine. Dizzle also had that messed up hair, but there was something else. I just looked at her and thought, "Capris? I'm almost positive I didn't leave her capris to wear. Wait, Dizzle doesn't even own capris. (Dizzle lifts her shirt) Huh, those pants aren't even zipped or buttoned. OMG, she is wearing DILLY'S PANTS!!"

So there she was. My 45 pound, 43 inch tall, four year old wearing a nine month old's pants. It was hysterical. And what was even better was that J had no clue. And now I understand why he usually leaves them in their pajamas ...


Kasey said...

that is so funny! my husband is the worst about picking out the one outfit in the drawer that is 2 sizes too small and putting them in it! or worse he'll put them in things backwards! silly men!

Jenn said...

Ha ha! My husband is the same way! Fortunately, my kids are finally old enough to look presentable without me looking over their shoulders!!