Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas weekend rewind ...

It's FINALLY over! I can dismantle the tree. I can take down the lights. And I won't have to hear another Christmas song until next Thanksgiving. All joking aside, our holiday was fantastic. Here is the photographic evidence:

The girls got EVERYTHING they could ever dream of (including American Girl dolls - Thanks Uncle Jeff and Kellis) and I got my Crackberry. My new addiction. I bet if there was a way to effectively combine my addiction of running with that of my new phone, I would do it. I'm never unplugged. How did I ever function before?

Not only did I get a sweet gift, I was a pretty awesome wife too. I hooked J up with his own Garmin Forerunner 305 (now he can stop stealing mine) and a RoadID (safety first people). He loved his gifts and now has no reason to not properly train for his FIRST HALF MARATHON on May 16. So, if you see him, make sure you ask him how his training is going!

Speaking of training, I have a "fun run" half marathon coming up on Jan 17th (or at least that's how we said we are going to run it. But let's be honest, "fun run" is code for race!). Anyway, G and I are going to Bermuda. We were both supposed to be running. But both of us ended up injured after the marathon. I recovered. G, well G is getting there. Looks like she won't be back in time. Honestly, I just want to PR (2:18:17 - would do that), but in the back of my head I would really like to go sub 2:10. I've heard the course is REALLY HILLY. So, we'll see. In the weeks I've been back, I have been working on consistently running faster. Mostly on the treadmill. For a few reasons.

1. I can not run with a triple stroller.
2. I hate running in the cold without a running buddy.
3. I think it's easier to "push my pace" on the treadmill.

Last week, I did 8 miles on the treadmill in 1:09, just above my 10K PR pace. Short runs (3-4 miles) have been just above my 5K PR pace. I got outside yesterday for a 10 miler. I ran the first three alone, then met up with some friends for the next 4.5 and then ran 2.5 miles home. My overall pace was 9:33. And I felt great. Today I am a little sore (obviously from the terrain differences). Anyway, I checked this run against the last 9 miler I did in marathon training. The pace for that run was 10:38. Love it!


Katie A. said...

I think you totally have a PR in your for that "fun run" in January - just look at your awesome mile time from the other day! Looks like Christmas was a blast!

April said...

Good luck with your half marathon training! I have one on Jan 17th too!
Your girl are just adorable!! Looks like you all had a wonderful Christmas!

Jenn said...

Wow,look at your kiddo's curlies!! Mine have poker straight boring hair! Very Cute!! Who runs in Bermuda? Drink and Tan Girl!!! Seriously though, I'm sure you'll do great! Way to keep pluggin' away on the treadmill. I am so sick of mine. I do think it's helped me get faster for shorter distances but I definitely notice the terrain difference when I head outside! Good luck in the half-I'm sure you'll do great!!