Tuesday, December 29, 2009

sore arms ...

With three kids under age five in the house, things can get pretty messy. I have been trying to get the girls to at least help me clean up their toys. Sometimes it works. Sometimes it doesn't.

Yesterday, Doodle refused to help. I asked her why. And she responded with this doozy, "I can't clean up. My arms will hurt."

Seriously? Lifting up your toys will hurt your arms? Well, we wouldn't want that to happen. Perhaps, things would be better if I just got rid of all those toys. What Doodle? You don't like that idea either?


Katie A. said...

That made me chuckle...good luck with Doodle! And maybe a run would help :)

sam said...

That cracked me up! "What Doodle? You don't like that idea either?"

Thanks for the congrats on my half marathon announcement! I am super excited! =]