Monday, July 2, 2012

June Rewind ...

Run Miles Ran: 90.25 miles

Bike Miles Rode: 309.8 miles

Swim Meters Completed: 15700 or 9.75 miles

Rest Days Taken: 6

Highest Run Mileage Week: 6/18-6/24: 28 miles

Highest Bike Mileage Week: 6/4-6/10: 107.7 miles

Highest Swim Volume Week: 6/18-6/24: 6100 meters

Long Runs Completed (10+ miles): 2

Current Book: I was a reading machine this month. Something about finally getting a library card at the age of 30 will do that to a person. Also, the cutback in computer time freed me up to spend my free time elsewhere. I read and loved all of these books ...
  • Bossypants, Tina Fey
  • You Are an Ironman, Jacques Steinberg
  • Fit2Fat2Fit, Drew Manning
  • Metabolic Efficiency Training, Bob Seebohar
  • The Schwarzbein Principle, Diana Schwarzbein
Current Shame-Inducing Guilty Pleasure: Figs + Mascarpone = Heaven

Current Colors: Orange and Pink 

Current Drink: I'm currently obsessed with hot tea with Splenda. Who cares that it's 90 degrees outside and I just finished a workout ...

Current Song: 50 Ways to Say Goodbye - Train

Current Triumph: I'm training like a rock star. And eating like an athlete. Unfortunately, I don't have any races on my schedule ...

Current Goal: Be a better me. Each and every day.

Current Blessing:
Generally, I feel like my whole life is one big blessing and I am entirely grateful for that. I don't take anything for granted. Not even for a second.

Current Excitement: We are headed to Disney in 24 days. Yup, I am a five year old trapped in a 30 year old body ...

2012 To Do List Update:

  • Take 70.3 training day by day. Don't get caught up in what is coming, but rather focus on what is. Trust that it will get you where you want to be. - CHECK
  • Find the strength to NOT add races to your schedule during 70.3 training. That is your focus, don't screw with that because of FOMO (fear of missing out). - CHECK
  • Cross the finish line of your first 70.3 in less than 6:57:59. - CHECK. Goal crushed. 6:39:39.
  • Maintain at least one day of cycling and one day of swimming per week, post 70.3. Give J some proof that a new road bike would be a good investment. - CHECK. I'm crushing this one.
  • Log 4,000 miles, swim, bike and run combined. - As of July 2, 2674.15 miles completed
  • Race a 10K with a finish time much faster than your very dated current PR of 53:17.
  • Set a new PR in the Half Marathon, currently 1:57:06 (or 1:56:18, if the half split from the NYC Marathon counts).
  • Race a Fall Sprint Triathlon. Actually train for the event, unlike in years past.
  • Add strength training to the routine. - CHECK. 31 strength sessions in the last three months.
  • Eat like an athlete. Be mindful of the nutritional value of your food. - I've been killing this. But, apparently my scale doesn't care.
  • Consume no more than 18 desserts from either Shyndigz or Two Sweet Cupcakes (approximately 1 dessert/3 weeks) - As of July 2, 15 desserts consumed. I need to just face the facts with this one.
  • Cut out snacking on the girl's leftovers. Just because they don't eat it, doesn't mean you have to. - CHECK
  • Only say yes to the projects you REALLY want to work on. - CHECK
  • Throw away the credit cards. Stop repeating history. - CHECK
  • Ignore your impulses. Take time to process the true value of the things you are filling your space/life with. - CHECK
  • Declutter and Organize using this calendar. - CHECK
  • Continue to balance family life, training and now, work. - CHECK
  • Prioritize and be a good example for the people in your life. - CHECK
  • Help and support J and the kids in reaching their goals. We are a team and that must always be the primary focus of our lives. - CHECK


HayRuns said...

If you don't mind textbook style reading, "Daniels' Running Formula" is a pretty awesome one, especially for someone who does coaching like you. Sounds like a great month!

Running Ricig said...

I really want to read BossyPants!

You are seriously turning into a tri athlete! So awesome that you found your niche.

Jason said...

Gotta say that you are crushing these goals.

Thoughts on You Are An Ironman?

What is this Schwarzbein Principle and was it in the movie with May The Schwartz Be With You.....ahhh can't believe I cannot remember the name of the movie. I can quote it for days but the name slips me right now.

ajh said...

I read You Are An Ironman and found it very interesting. Need to read Bossypants.

Anonymous said...

Your crushing your goals!!! Great job!

Marlene said...

You need to get a race on the calendar, girl! Although, it's super awesome that you are this committed WITHOUT a concrete goal! ROCK ON!

Katie said...

I'm halfway through most of the books on your "just read" list. :)