Friday, August 15, 2008

chaos. it's everywhere.

I am living in chaos. And I can't handle it. Maybe I've been to tired to notice (or really care), but my house is a mess. Not dirty, like food on the floor, fingerprints on the mirrors kind of mess, but stuff everywhere kind of mess. It's like we decided to use the entire house like a closet. You know, the closet where you shove things when guest are coming over. Yeah, that closet. Except, I'm pretty sure that we forgot that when you use the house like this, you just can't close the door. Not unless you want to live on your front lawn.

Seriously, it's driving me crazy!! I'm tempted to sell my house and have the movers pack up only the stuff that I really use. We'll just leave the rest for the next owners to deal with. OK. Let's be real. That's not really going to happen. I'm sure I am just going to have to suck it up and clean.

But either way (whether I sell or clean), I'm the type of person who tackles a task and wants to finish it. Immediately. I can not be interrupted. And with two small children, that's not really possible. So I'm destined to lose my weekend (with the exception of SS and my run) and organize my house. While J watches the girls. (I'm sure he'd help, but he knows that when I get on one of these organizing kicks, it's just better to stay away).

Now if I could only get my plumpy and rather exhausted butt off this chair and get moving ...

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