Tuesday, August 19, 2008

is it plump or bump?

Right now, I hate my pregnant body. Seriously. If I could just stay trapped in my house for the next few weeks, just so that no one would see me, I would do it.

I'm currently smack dab in the middle of that "is she pregnant or just gaining weight?" stage. AND. I. HATE. IT. I hate the looks from people who aren't sure whether to say, "congratulations," or to offer up some weight loss tips (and I have evidence that people are thinking that. Want to know what it is, just ask). I hate that none of my clothes (maternity or otherwise) fit. Or look good for that matter. I hate that I feel the incessant need to wear a sign that says, "Pregnant. Not Plump." (Luckily, Dizzle LOVES to announce to anyone who will listen that, "Mommy has a baby in her belly." Oh, how I love you Dizzle!)

But, really. Why is it that an already emotionally unstable time in your life has to be compounded by body image issues? It's just not fair.

Generally, I am someone who relishes her pregnant body. I love what it does for my hair and nails. I love having a big pregnant belly to show off. I love that for once I don't have the chest of a 12 year-old boy. I love that in a few weeks it will be glaringly obvious to everyone that I am creating another human being.

But right now, I'm not feeling it.


Earth Momma Mer said...

OH! I have so BEEN there. It is awful and it's the worst few weeks, but it will all be over soon and you'll be wishing for that nice small little bump again, instead of the "can it really stretch any bigger?" huge watermelon that I have. and when it's big enough, we are definitely decorating it!!!

Anonymous said...

AMEN! as someone who had more jelly in her belly than you did. cause you had NONE! my plump or bump has shown up way fast and i'm like what 2 months behind you!? i decided to just embrace it and maybe people will think, "yeah, it must be a bump cause there is no way she would just stick her jelly gut out there like that" i wore a semi tight shirt today and just did it. i also touch my belly more when i'm preg and that can also reassure people that i am not showing off my fat. i hope.