Monday, August 11, 2008

shouldn't I feel better by now?

Someone (or nearly everyone I've ever met) once told me that morning sickness is usually gone by 13 weeks. Then why is it that I am nearing 15 weeks and I am worse than ever?!?!

About two weeks ago, I had two days where I actually felt good. Not a moment of nausea. But ever since then, I have been on a dramatic backslide, culminating last night with an up close and personal meeting with the porcelain gods.


Less than two minutes after finishing my chicken and broccoli and placing my fork back down on the table, I was running for the bathroom. Wasting the $9.95 I spent on take-out. SO NOT FUN.

Now I'm pretty much eating bagels and crackers with Easy Cheese. Gross, yes. But at least I don't immediately feel the need to regurgitate.

All I can say is ... I better be having a boy.


Anonymous said...

well, i am feeling pretty bad myself! but i'm only 8 weeks. please don't tell me it will last much longer... let just say i been praying to the porcelin gods from the other end. constipation, so not my problem. and the nagging nausea is just horrible. preggie pops have been good to me. i have heard about your easy cheese thing, so gross. makes me want to puke! to each their own! oh, and i do not fit into my pants anymore. there are some super cute maternity jeans at old navy for $14!!! got some this morn.

Earth Momma Mer said...

Don't forget about my little saviors during this time...GinGins. They were very helpful and I popped them all day long, even some during SS class! All I can say is that I'm at the other end now, feeling every ache and pain that my lower abdominal region can take and my hips - Oh MY hips. No GinGin in the world is going to help with this.