Tuesday, November 11, 2008

more cheese, please ...

Today at school Dizzle got a time-out. Did she fail to listen? Did she hit someone? Did she have a total meltdown and go ape on her classmates? No. No. And no. So, what did she do? She ate too much cheese.

Yes, that's right. She ate too much cheese.

You see, apparently each child in her class was allotted one cheese stick and three carrot sticks. Dizzle, however, chose to disregard the limit (and her teacher's wishes that she not eat another cheese stick) and somehow devoured three cheese sticks in a matter of minutes.

And since I was the parent in the classroom today, I was made aware of the situation immediately. Dizzle's teacher came up to me and said, "Your girl has to go to time-out. She ate three cheese sticks. Then when I asked her why she ate them she said, "Because I'm a pig."

And I started laughing. Mostly due to the absurdity of the charge, but a little bit because Dizzle admitted to being a pig. Hey, if nothing else, at least she's honest.

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