Tuesday, December 2, 2008

playtime epiphany ...

I'm not quite sure what nap time is like at your house. But over here it's usually a little something like this. Doodle goes to sleep without issue for approximately two hours. Dizzle does not sleep. Not ever. Not since she was 18 months old. (Yeah! We've already gotten two bonus months with Doodle.)

So, long ago, I decided to give up trying to make Dizzle nap. It's just easier for us both. Instead, Dizzle plays with:

A) all of the toys that either are not safe or practical for Doodle (i.e. she might destroy them)


B) all of the toys that lead to fighting when both children are present.

Then, when the two hours or so are up, Dizzle and I put everything away and a mini-tantrum ensues once Dizzle realizes her "alone" time is over. (I seem to recall her yelling, "Don't get Doodle" over and over again on most days.)

But today, a more mature Dizzle appeared. When I heard Doodle's cries, I asked Dizzle if she wanted to leave out the village we had built or put it all away before we went to go get her sister (who was bound to knock it over in two seconds flat). And rather than her traditional whiny response, Dizzle said, "I would be happy to have her play with us." (note: she also had what sounded like a slight British accent.)

Um, excuse me? Did I hear you right, Dizzle? You don't think your sister is evil and out to destroy you? You actually want to play with her?


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gba_gf said...

HOLY SNAP. What? This from the kid who was so distraught over my singing the other day that I thought she was going to pass out? I'm inspired.

I say, perchance my British Literature class is rubbing off on her?