Friday, December 5, 2008

torture device ...

In the past, I have gone on and on about how I love my BOB Stroller. How it is a Godsend and I could never run with any other stroller. EVER. Obviously, if my stroller failed me it would be the end of the world (I know that would never happen though, because they truly are amazing pieces of metal and canvas, plus BOB's customer service is spot on).

Anyway, I did have a point here. And that is, as much as I LOVE MY STROLLER (or strollers, because we do own the single and the double versions), I now know that it is a torture device in disguise.

You see, my replacement seat came this morning. Thinking that all I needed to do was remove a couple of screws, take off the old seat and replace it with the new one, I utilized nap time to repair my stroller. BAD IDEA.

Obviously, it wasn't going to be that simple. Of course, there were like 9,873,759,903 screws to remove, 4,389,050 straps to undo and 1 folding mechanism to unhinge. Oh, wait. Did I mention that some of the screws were slightly larger than others, so I actually need to pay attention to what came off of where? (let's just say I didn't exactly notice the different sizes until I had completely removed the seat.)

Needless to say, it was a frustrating task.

But it gets better. Once I got the old seat off, I realized that a nut was missing from the sunshade, making it hang all droopy to one side (and increasing the difficulty of reassembly). So, I had to call my best friends over at BOB and ask them to send me yet another piece. Completely fed up, I used one of the nuts from the hanging basket underneath to secure the sunshade (fortunately, they are the same size). Then, I attempted to stretch the canvas to fit the frame while I held the screws and screwdriver in my other hand. Eventually (an hour and a half later), the seat was reinstalled.

Yeah!!! Victory for me!!!

But, not really. Because when I went to fold up the stroller, I realized that I had improperly threaded the folding mechanism, which only lead to more work. Oh yeah, and being 31 weeks pregnant while doing all of this, SO NOT FUN.

See what I mean by torture?

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Courtney said...

I so would have made Jeremy do that!!