Monday, March 16, 2009

how you amaze me ...

Dear Doodle,

Yesterday was your second birthday (and when I ask you how old you are, you always reply, "THREE DAYS!") Anyway, when I was thinking how to best summarize the last year I kept coming back to how you continually amaze me.

You see, when I was pregnant with you, I always thought that everything was going to be exactly the same way as it was with your older sister. And I couldn't have been more wrong. Somehow, despite my best efforts to raise all of you the same way, you are so very different from Dizzle, and I'm almost positive that Dilly won't be like you either.

And most days, your differences (and occasionally your similarities) amaze me.

You amaze me with your eyes. They are the bluest, blue I have ever seen.

You amaze me with your smile. Sure, it's the cheesiest grin around, but when you flash it, I can't help but to smile too.

You amaze me with your ingenuity. You are amazingly crafty. When something is out of your reach, you can always figure out a way to get it. Whether it be with your cuteness or by dumping out your toy bin, flipping it over and standing on it.

You amaze me with your determination. Or stubbornness, depending on the day. I have never met someone who will fight harder for what they want. Even if that leads to me pinning you down with my entire body weight so that I can put your diaper on ... you really want to be potty-trained, don't you?

You amaze me with your vocabulary. You talk so much more than I ever expected you to at your age. Oh, and the things that come out of your mouth, like yelling, "I want chicken nuggets and fries," EVERY TIME we pass a McDonald's. And if I can't understand what you are saying, you somehow manage to get your point across.

You amaze me with your strength. Physical, that is. You are freakishly strong. Good for your future athletic endeavors. Bad for me when you put up a fight.

You amaze me with your palate. You will eat (or at least try) anything. More often than not, you would rather eat my food than your own. Even if I am eating chicken wings drenched in hot sauce.

You amaze me with your affection. You share your love with everyone. Hugs and very wet kisses are your thing. And no one gets your love more than Dilly. I am convinced that if I let you, you would cover her with kisses (and drool) 24/7.

You amaze me just by being you. Sure, I never imagined you'd be the way you are, but I wouldn't change a single thing.

Doodle, you are an amazing person who helps give my life meaning. I love you even when you are at your best and I love you when you are at your worst. I love you when you make me laugh and I love you when you make me cry. I love you more than you will ever know.

Happy Birthday Baby!

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