Monday, March 30, 2009

a fistful of fun ...

Maybe she's just being rebellious. Maybe she's suddenly anti-nap. Maybe this is typical two-year old behavior.

Whatever the case, Doodle has picked up an absolutely FANTASTIC habit this week. What is it, you ask? Well, just a little something I call "a fistful of fun."

Or maybe it should be referred to as "a fistful of feces."

Yes, that's right. On two separate occasions, Doodle has shoved her fist into her diaper and emerged with a handful of poop. Poop, which is then splattered on the baby gate and the door frame and her clothing. Oh, yeah and her hair and her face. One time, she even went as far as to remove her diaper and throw it in the hallway, creating yet another mess to clean up. Like I said, it's FANTASTIC!

And she just thinks it's funny. That kid has such a sense of humor.

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