Thursday, April 2, 2009

pincushion ...

Last night, Dilly did not sleep. Therefore, I did not sleep.

This morning, Dilly was running a fever. Therefore, I got so worked up that I felt like I was running a fever.

Crazy how that happens.

So after a sleepless night of endless screaming, I took Dilly to the doctor, where they checked her out and found that while her fever had broke, she may have an ear infection. Which may or may not have caused her fever. And since they had no real answers and didn't really like the fact that a two month old was running a fever, they ran a CBC (skin jab number one).

Once those results came back (with an elevated white blood cell count), she needed more test. Because, obviously, she was fighting off something. Maybe an ear infection. Maybe not.

So, my teeny weeny baby was taken back to the treatment room, where they used a catheter to get a urine sample (skin jab number two) and a really big needle to get a blood sample (jab number three). She cried. And I cried. It's so hard to watch your baby in pain. Especially pain you are allowing others to inflict on her.

Then, if the first three pokes weren't enough, she got a shot of antibiotics, which the nurse so pleasantly told me, "will hurt a lot. It stings because the antibiotic is so thick." THANKS! Because I didn't feel bad enough.

The great thing is that we still have no idea why she is running a fever. And the even better part is that we get to go back tomorrow so that my little pincushion can get jabbed some more. Dilly, I am so sorry ...

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