Thursday, April 16, 2009

and it was downhill from there ...

I will admit it. I am an overachiever. OK, maybe I would be better classified as an overdoer. I tend to overdo everything. I just keep piling it on. The more on my plate the better. Usually. Until it all blows up in my face. Like today. And yesterday. And last Friday when I got stranded.

You see, today started out innocent enough. Sure, I was beyond overbooked with life and such, but I had a good outlook on things. I could handle it. Easy peasy.

But then I realized, that it was 7 a.m. and Dilly hadn't eaten in four hours. Which meant that if I fed her at that moment, I would have to do it again around 11. Which would mean a total meltdown during Stroller Strides. Which would lead to me publicly breastfeeding - a thing I'm not too fond of. So, I decided to hold her off. I figured if she could wait until 8, I would have plenty of time after class to hang out and then make it home to feed her. So, very wrong. By holding her off, Dilly screamed at me for 30 minutes until I gave in. And then, she still cried during the majority of class. And it was all downhill from there.

Dilly's class time crying was the first of many crying bouts today (myself included). So, why was everyone crying? Well, Dizzle had a rough day at school. After rushing around to make it out of the house (as stressful on the kids as it is on me), she settled into her school day. Until about lunchtime, when she had had enough of a fellow classmate and things got physical. No one was seriously hurt (physically at least) but Dizzle lost out on her opportunity to be "blessing leader" due to the incident. Which caused her to cry the entire ride home from school.

And then we were running late for swimming, due to some work stuff that threw me for a loop. But it gets better. Since class time was so close to the end of the school day, Doodle went without a nap. Which caused her to cry about EVERYTHING. Fortunately, swimming itself was uneventful.

But then we tried to leave. But Doodle had dropped her cup. So I ran back inside. To find out she had her cup the whole time.

Then we really left, but I was feeling the time crunch while trying to sort out the previously mentioned work stuff and I was going slightly faster than I should have been. And then the speed limit changed. And I didn't notice. But the cop did. And I ended up with my first ticket EVER.

Which left me with even less time to feed all of my children and get to my second Stroller Strides class of the day. So, I made a sandwich for the girls (which they ate in the stroller) and ended up nursing Dilly in the parking lot before class. A class where my kids were less than stellar. A class where at the end of it, I realized that Doodle was blowing boogers out of her eyeballs. Seriously, something has got to give ...


gba_gf said...

oh now that just sucks. THe cop had no mercy on you? You should have cried. It never works for me, but then you're a lot cuter than I am & it so could have worked for you. I hope today is better, and next week why don't we just agree that at least one of your kiddo's is coming here for the afternoon stroller strides class on Thurs. The last thing you need is more stress.

ALB said...

I empathize with you on the ticket incident. Was a frequent flyer student at driving school "back in the day." Helps with the points but you should be let go due to squeaky clean record. Crying helps and I was let go once by saying I didn't change my shoes after B-ball practice and had not adjusted to my new basketball shoes. Really he let me go. Another excuse was driving home from college one w/e and I said the cat had to go to bathroom so I was in a hurry. Yep pretty lame, didn't work. Positive factor is I slowed down since I met my husband and no more tickets. I'll watch the kiddo's when you go to court to fight this one. It will be worth it.