Tuesday, April 28, 2009

potty training, day one

It's potty training time in the B household again. Or at least I thought it was. As I'm sure you all remember, Doodle has taken up the hobby of throwing her poop. I took this as a clear indication that she was 100 percent ready to use the toilet.

So, on Sunday I took her to the store and we picked out her "big girl" panties (otherwise known as pull-ups) and planned on starting the next morning. Monday morning came and I applied the potty training tactic that I had used for Dizzle. Placing the toilet in the hallway, I stripped Doodle from the waist down, hoping that when she was ready to go, she would actually do so.

Things started out well. She walked around for two hours without any accidents. But, she didn't used the toilet either. Needing to leave the house, I asked her to try one more time and then put on the pull-up and dressed her. And by the time we got to gymnastics (only 15 minutes later), she had peed in her pull-up. And I am pretty sure it was deliberate.

Once we got home again, Doodle went back to her naked ways. And although she sat on it for nearly 40 minutes, Doodle never actually went to the bathroom. Feeling comfortable that she wasn't ever going to go, I left the room to get the girls a snack. And when I came back guess what I found. A super giant pile of poop right on the playroom floor, not to mention all over Doodle.

So, I cleaned it up and we moved on. For about 30 minutes, when Doodle proceeded to urinate all over the hall floor and then slide around in it. FABULOUS!

Once I got her cleaned up, the poor girl was begging for her diapers. I tried to put a pull-up on her instead, but she ripped them off. So, she won. She got her diapers back. Obviously, the diaper diving incidents were not a cry to be potty trained, but rather just an indication that Doodle is crazy enough to play with fecal matter ...

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