Friday, August 28, 2009

accidental obsession ...

So, we all know about my little obsession with cupcakes. A certain cupcake store in particular. In fact, I usually pass up other cupcakes. It's really just this place I am obsessed with. They are so good. Knock your socks off good. "Yes, I'll run that extra five miles just to eat them" good.

Up until now, I thought my kids could take them or leave them. Sometimes, 99% of their cupcakes got thrown away. Other days, every crumb was inhaled. But today was different. Today, my kids asked for them.

We were leaving the pool this morning when Doodle turned to me and said, "I want to go to the cupcake store!" How could I refuse? Not only did she ask me to take her to my favorite place, but she knew we were in the vicinity (we were less than half a mile away). I couldn't even lie and tell her that it was too far out of the way. She had me trapped. I had no choice.

(Wait, now that I think about it. I don't think she even knows where our house is located, but she gets within a mile of the cupcake store and it's like a flippin' siren is going off ... huh?)

Anyway, we got our cupcakes. But before we left, Dizzle grabbed a postcard off the counter with a cupcake on it (not some drawing, a photo of one of their cupcakes). Once we got in the car she proved her love for this tasty confection as well. She asked, "Mom, can I hang this picture in my room so that I can dream about these cupcakes?" LOVE IT!

So, basically I have three cupcakeaholics (counting myself, of course) living in my home. I think we need to move. Soon. To somewhere with no baked goods.


gba_gf said...

Do you know what's so funny about that... first off- there's a house for sale around the corner from the cupcake store.... INCASE you wanted to repeat the glorious experience of moving so you can be closer. Then you can walk there, buy the cupcakes, and walk home before you eat them AND feel like it was a "healthy" outing b/c you walked.

I live w/in walking distance and have been in that store exactly ONE time. With you. Maybe it's because I KNOW I can go get them whenever I want that makes me NOT go whenever I think about them. So there you have it, reason #487 that we should be neighbors.

gba_gf said...

Somehow this post is missing some words... I know I typed them... hmmm. I think what's missing is the- "...that're probably right. The girls probably don't know where they live, but they know where B lives. B lives by the cupcake store. You should have moved here. First off- there's a house for sale..."