Thursday, September 10, 2009

trapped ...

You've probably heard that I lock (child-lock, same thing) my children in their rooms at night. This is for no other reason than I don't feel comfortable with them being able to get out of bed and roam around unsupervised, especially when I am sleeping. To accomplish this, Dizzle has a doorknob cover and Doodle, a gate (she figured out that doorknob cover WAY TOO YOUNG). I didn't think that the girls realized why Doodle has a gate, but apparently I was wrong.

This morning, the girls and I were in Dizzle's room. Dizzle wanted to get out. Knowing she was trapped, she turned to Doodle and this is the conversation they had ...

Dizzle: "Doodle, can you come over here and open my door? You always know how to take these things off."

Doodle (looks at me, pauses and responds): "No, my hands are too little."

Don't even try it Doodle. I am so onto you. I know about your "craftiness". There's no point in hiding it.

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