Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Rock Your Socks Official Race Results ...

As you are well aware, this weekend was the Rock Your Socks Half Marathon and 10K. There were 40 participants (including myself) who got me their results by the 5 p.m. deadline. So without further ado, the results ...

Half Marathon:
1. Tonia - 2:04:34 (will not count in the overall standings)
2. Ginny - 2:06:23 (PR)
3. Stacie - 2:12:22 (treadmill PR)
4. Barefoot AngieB - 2:13
5. Alinda - 2:18:06
6. Jen - 2:18:52
7. Kitzzy - 2:33:41
8. Michelle - 2:40
9. Katye - 3:05 (paced fellow blogger Erin in her first half)
10. Tracy - 2:09:56 (12 miles)

1. Megan - 42:44
2. Wendy - 47:00
3. Teamarcia - 48:26
4. Shelly - 48:34
5. Brandy (no blog) - 49:26
6. Cynthia O'H - 50:00
7. Laurie - 50:28 (PR)
8. Angela - 54:38 (PR)
9. Kim - k2323 (no blog) - 57:25 (PR)
10. Tricia - 57:40 (PR)
11. Rene - 57:58
12. Candice - 58:20
13. Jessica - 58:39
14. MCM Mama - 59:45
15. ajh - 1:00:10
16. S Club Mama's Hubby - 1:04 (while pushing a double stroller)
17. Sara (no blog) - 1:04:05
18. Sarah - 1:06:12
19. Kelly - 1:08:00
20. Karen - 1:09:23 (PR)
21. Tortuga_Runner - 1:09:33 (PR)
22. Catey - 1:10:22 (6 months pregnant)
23. Kim - 1:13:58
24. Dallas - 1:16:21
25. S Club Mama - 1:17:08
26. Courtney - 1:32:00
27. Jane - 1:50:00 (first 10K)
28. Carly - 1:03:53 (5.53 miles)
29. Suzy - 33:03 (5K - first run back after surgery)
30. EricaH -DNF (still Rocked Her Socks)

Thanks to everyone who "Rocked Their Socks," I had a blast hosting and I hope you all enjoyed racing. And now for the prizes:

Each of the following people will win a tube of Nuun and two Gu:

WINNER - 10K: Megan

And the winner of a Bondi Band for BEST USE OF SOCKS is: Shelly, who not only rocked knee highs but turned her socks into a running skirt! Take a look ...

For all the winners, please email me your contact info and I will mail you your prizes ASAP!


gba_gf said...


RunToTheFinish said...

wohoooo to all the racers and seriously I just love shelly

Pining for Pinterest said...

Man I wish this stupid calf did not keep me from the race. Next time :) Have a great one!

Tortuga_Runner said...

I guess my email may have gone to your spam folder, I am missing from the list *sad face* Race completed *happy face* and I had a blast! I am so excited to read everyone's race reports. Thanks for putting on the race.

Jen said...

Thanks for organizing this... It was my first 1/2 and I guess that makes it a PR too!

Teamarcia said...

WooHoo congrats to all the winners and to everyone who rocked their socks!
Shelley you are killing me with that awesome skirt!
Thanks T for a fun race!

misszippy said...

Way to go ladies!

Katie A. said...

Nice job ladies! Great challenge TMB!

Angela said...

Congrats to all who ran. I will definitely have my fun reading all of the race reports. Thanks again for organizing this. I had a blast.

Kitzzy said...

Congrats to all! And thanks for putting this together. I totally forgot all about the socks part, but I don't think I had any cool socks to wear nor did I need any more clothing as the humidity was insane. BTW, mine was a PR too!

Unknown said...

Thanks for hosting and posting all the links. I'm excited to be the random winner!

Unknown said...

Great job everybody! mine was a PR, too! :)

Sarah K said...

That running skirt is awesome! Congrats everyone :-D

Shellyrm ~ just a country runner said...

Great job everyone! Some seriously great runs.

Thanks for hosting the race, it was so fun getting the miles in and being creative.

Mel -Tall Mom on the Run said...

Love it!! Need more pictures of the SOCKS.. I totally should have counted my long run for this.. Live and learn..

S Club Mama said...

congrats to everyone! :D I love Shelly's socks skirt :D

Melissa said...

Congrats to the winners! How fun!!

Kelly said...

Congrats to the winners. This was fun! Let's do it again soon! :D

Laurie said...

Such a fun time, I love reading all the reports! Shelley's skirt is great... very creative!!

Thanks Tonia!

Anonymous said...

oh how great! love this "event" happy tuesday!

Julie said...

Wow, looks like a very cool race:) I might just have to take a look at a few of these race reports! Nice job putting this virtual together!

Emz said...

totally excellent. Must join in on one of these one day.

Loving her photo!!!

Marlene said...

Congrats to everyone!

ihaverun said...

Congrats to the winners! And thanks for hosting this!! It was a lot of fun!

MCM Mama said...

Great job, everyone! Thanks for organizing it!

ajh said...

Love the sock skirt! Fun race!