Thursday, September 27, 2012

Three Things Thursday ...

Feeling the Burn - Over the past few months, I have been using P90X for strength training. I love it. I love Tony. And I love that I can see results.

But, I am bored to death with it. I could probably do the workouts without watching the videos. I know every cheesy joke that is made. And the timing of every horrible grimace that got caught on film. Obviously, we need to break up for a while.

In search of a new routine that I could do quickly, with what I already owned, I turned to Pinterest and found a workout that I was so convinced that I wouldn't like that I didn't even Pin It. And now, I can't find it anywhere. I have no idea what I searched or who's board I saw it on. Luckily, I had the sense to write it down.

The torture workout goes like this:
  • 100 squats with overhead weight hold
  • 90 alternating back lunges with bicep curl (45 each side)
  • 80 single leg deadlifts (40 each leg)
  • 70 lunges with triceps extentions
  • 60 bridge lifts with chest fly
  • 50 calf raises with back fly
  • 40 plie squats with upright row
  • 30 skater lunges with in and out hammer curls
  • 20 dips with alternating leg raises
  • 10 pushups
 I first completed this workout (which takes 45-60 minutes) on Tuesday. When I woke up on Wednesday, I couldn't straighten my legs. By last night, I was so sore that going to the bathroom was a chore. So, logically, I repeated the workout today. I'm sure tomorrow's 12 miler is going to be epic.

Disney - We are headed to Walt Disney World again on Tuesday night, our fourth trip in 10 months. (Yes, we are obsessed. No, I don't see anything wrong with this.) This vacation will likely be our last to the Big D for quite some time (we're most likely not renewing our annual passes), so we are going to make it count.

The two things I am looking forward to the most? "3D" Disney Dessert Discovery and when we finally tell the girls where we are going (right now, they don't even know we are going anywhere). I just love how excited they get.

New Experiences - If you didn't know, G, my training wife, is injured. And in nursing school. And our schedules really aren't meshing right now. Unfortunately, that means we haven't really run together in months. And when G and I don't run together, I usually don't run with anyone at all (the rest of our posse is running way faster and longer than I am right now).

Usually, I don't mind. I'm basically besties with my treadmill. We have a nice little thing going on. But, since school started and the weather has become more fall-like, I want to run outside. I just don't want to do it alone. So, I did what any sane runner would do and I stalked some other runners.

For a few weeks, I had noticed that a mom from Doodle's dance class had been running with a few women through my neighborhood. Although I had no idea of how far or fast they ran, I decided that I was going to find a way to invite myself to join them. So, I casually mentioned that I always saw her running and I wanted to know what she was training for. She told me she was running the Richmond Marathon and that she ran through my neighborhood on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Leading me to ask, "So, do you ever pick up stragglers?" (See, I knew I could work my way in.)

She was either genuinely excited to have me join or too nice to say no. Either way, I met up with her group (which included two runners who have joined my posse in the past) for 8 miles yesterday morning. And it was awesome. The pace was perfect. They showed me a brand new route. And just for a little excitement, we had our run interrupted by a sheep.

Yes, I said it. A sheep. Apparently, it was refusing to be herded by its owner and our running was distracting it. The owner, being a quick thinker, asked us to stop and then decided to use us as bait and asked that we run in the direction she wanted the sheep to go. It kind of worked. Well, at least until we got too far past the sheep then it just walked off into the woods. It may have been one of the oddest things to happen to me on a run.


Unknown said...

Ha! Sheep on a run. Been there, done that, but mine ran away from me.

giraffy said...


Food and Wine Festival!!

Did you know it's EPCOT's 30th birthday?!

I'm jealous.

Amber said...

Best thing I ever saw on a run was a goat. And it was at a Disney race too! The Animal Kingdom had some random animals out on the side of the course. And so I pet a goat during a marathon. Awesome.

H Love said...

Have a blast in Disney! Our family is hoping to go this summer. So happy you were able to share some miles with new friends and sheepy!

Jesser said...

This sounds like just another morning at Front Range Bootcamp! ;) Hurt soooo good.

Enjoy Disney!

Amanda@runninghood said...

Can't wait to go to Disneyland in a month! I know that feeling of being so sore from a workout....was just thinking that I want to start Jillian again but already preparing myself for not being able to walk normally for a bit. :)

Shellyrm ~ just a country runner said...

I've helped heard cows and goats on runs but not a lot of sheep on my old PA routes. I've even helped restack hay bales mid-run. So far VA farmers have kept their animals and haybales well contained.

Since I've been running here, I've noticed a few other runners have taken up my regular routes. Now to move in for the kill...I mean nicely introduce myself.

Ya'll are in love with you didn't know that.

Even if I cut that workout in half I am not sure I could do it at all...and walk the next day. But pushing the jogger on nearly every run (a few trail miles with it too) are helping.

Elizabeth said...

ooh, i may steal this workout! PLEASE video telling the girls about disney. and, i’m kinda jealous of this trip. so fun. :) glad you found a new running group!