Thursday, January 31, 2013

Two Things Thursday (because three would be too much) ...

Let's get this party started. - I know that some people really hate their birthdays, but I have never been able to figure out why. There isn't anything wrong with aging and if you do it right, like a good cheese, you get better with time. Plus, with each day that passes, you gain more and more memories and moment to make your life fulfilling. Really, I'm not seeing the downside here.

In exactly one week, I will celebrate my 31st birthday. And it's going to be amazing. Even if we do nothing but eat cake. Also, I'm considering starting my birthday week today and continuing it for the week after my birthday as well. This should open up the opportunity for more people to celebrate with me. Also, it gives J some leeway, considering he's traveling on my actual birthday for like the 20th year in a row.

Calories in. Calories out. - So, back in June I got my RMR tested. Long story short, my metabolism is crazy fast and I burn 2500 calories BEFORE you factor in normal daily activities and exercise. If you add in what I burn from cleaning the house, walking around and all that stuff, as well as 30 minutes of exercise, I need around 3500 calories.

Truth be told, I NEVER eat that much. I might hit 2,500 calories on a day when I workout for 2 hours. Maybe. When I first got the results, I did attempt to eat more, but started to gain more weight and stopped. I know in my head that this is just my body correcting itself, but it's hard to get over that number on the scale.

Anyway, I know that as I start 140.6 training in the coming weeks, I have to eat enough to fuel my workouts or I am never going to survive. I am doing my best to ignore the voices that are telling me to eat less and I am trying to embrace the sheer amount of food I am eating. The real problem is that 3500-4000+ calories of REAL FOOD is a ton of food. For example, yesterday after eating dinner, I had 1600 calories remaining and I was in pain from the amount of food I ate at dinner. I couldn't have eaten another bite.

So, I need some tips for how to get more calories in without feeling like I am constantly going to explode AND without eating a bunch of junk food. And it would be epic if someone could tell me that they've upped their calories like this and haven't gained a million pounds in the process.


MCM Mama said...

Congrats on the Rev3 team, happy early birthday, and I'm hella jealous of your metabolism.

I think that covers everything. ;o)

Ok, as far as the food, I've never eaten like that, so have no advice (and I'm pretty sure I have the metabolism of a slug bleh.) Can you add more calorie dense foods like nuts and avocado? Use more oil (obv. the healthier ones) when you cook? Eat more frequent calorie dense meals so you don't feel stuffed? Just shooting out ideas here since this is not a problem I have LOL.

Maggie said...

Happy Birthday Week Tonia!!! Treat yo self!

Kurt @ Becoming An Ironman said...

Birthdays are always awesome. A number is just that, a number. ...whether it's age, weight, height, or your RMR! haha

I will admit though that I've forgotten my own birthday - two years in a row in fact. I would love to make a celebration of it, but I always end up busy and it goes by without a thought.

Training food! Every so often, I tally my food intake for a few days to see how much I "normally" eat. I've never had my RMR tested though I'd love to know what it is. I range anywhere from maybe 1800 calories on a lazy day to 6000+ in the peak of training. I admit that it CAN be a lot of food. The best thing I've found is eating it throughout the day. Don't focus on three to five portioned meals, but include snacks along the way. That many calories all at once certainly brings the stomach to near explosion. I also haven't gone beyond my 10 pound range in years, so no ill effects of changing my caloric intake as of yet.

The biggest thing in my opinion is how you feel. If you feel good on less or more calories, that's fine. As long as you have enough energy, the body will adjust the weight.

Unknown said...

Birthday weeks are the best... especially since we share one! (My birthday is on Tuesday!) Celebrate all month long... makes it better! :)

I have no advice on the calorie intake. I mean, I can tell you how to get calories, but it won't help you in Ironman training! :) And I have the exact opposite of your metabolism. I look at food and gain 6 pounds. I'm anxious to hear what people suggest though!

Eisparklz said...

My coaches had been telling me that I was not eating enough for months (dizzy all the time, no improvement in strength or explosiveness) and when you got your rmr results done, I bucked yp and got mine evaluated. I had been eating 1100-1150 at that point, and found our that my end was 1364, and with crossfit and running I had to get at least 2700 in, and the nutritionalist recommended 3000+ if I could do it.

She was so appalled at how I had been (unintentionally) starving myself (and gaining weight still) that she demanded 30 straight days of at least 3k, even if it meant gorging on cake and milkshakes - which I did faithfully.

I initially put on 5lbs, but by the end of the gorgefest, I was back down to 155. Since then I have had the same struggle to get enough good foods in. My coaches have worked with me, and pounded into my head that fat is not bad - you need it to regenerate and burn, sugar is your enemy. Tough lesson, but here's what I've changed.

1. Switched from egg whites to eggs
2. 2% to full fat milk
3. Protein all day with every snack and meal - burger patties are my vest friends
4. Brought peanut butter back into my life
5. Nuts, and more nuts
6. Drinking one to two protein shakes a day because i just cannot eat enough chicken. I ha e a sensitive stomach, so I drink the shamrock farms rockin' refuels - 190 cal, 30g protein, 6g sugar, 4.5 g fat. Perfect balance for me
7. THROW AWAY THE SCALE - since I made this switch to clean, I've gone up 5lbs, but reduced my body fat percentage by 5%, so it's all muscle. I proudly weigh 161 (5'6) and am at 25% body fat, which is 'moderately lean'. My clothes fit differently, but better, and I feel like a super hero. I've made huge progress in strength, stamina, overall energy, and I only weigh myself when I get my bf tested (every 3 months)

I am still struggling with the sugar - mostly the peanut m&ms at 2pm daily - but i'be cut grains out completely 6 days a week, and that works for me.

You can totally do this. You train hard, you need to eat just as hard. Think of it as part of your training. Wake up in the morning and tell yourself "I need to run x distance, and do this brick, and eat 6 meals, and they all must have protein". Put your goals on the calendar just like your workouts.

I've been able to change because you had the courage to bring this up. I know you can own it like a boss!

Happy 31st! Make it count :)

Shellyrm ~ just a country runner said...

I can't imagine eating that many calories of healthy foods. Considering you don't eat meat (right?!) that would be very challenging.

After you first posted about having your RMR tested, I have been so interested. I know that since I am getting older things will change but! I have at least stopped the gain of any more weight but even with changes in my calories in/out I am not losing. Still not wanting to go to the doctor until after the 100. Yeah, I'm smart like that.

Heather-O said...

I can assure you when you start training for that 140.6 your appetite will increase tenfold! I was hungry ALL THE TIME, ate all the time, and still lost weight. It's just how it goes. However, after you complete the 140.6 its a whole other ballgame trying to stop eating that much ;) Best of luck to you!!!!

Nikki! said...

I am sure it is hard to get that many calories in and still eat relatively healthy. I would suggest more whole dairy, shakes or smoothies. whole grain carbs. Those sort of things.

The Kidless Kronicles

Unknown said...

Lots of great advice, I was just going to say switching back to full fat products instead of low fat may increase your calories some, eggs instead of egg whites, 2% greek yogurt, if you drink non fat maybe go to 2% or add have a nice glass of chocolate milk.

Canuck Mom said...

I say celebrate that birthday for an entire week!! I love birthdays and love to celebrate. The calorie thing I wish I could give you advice on. That is tough.

ajh said...

Love my birthday - why wouldn't you love something that is all about you? Enjoy it as much as you can.

ajh said...
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ajh said...
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ajh said...
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ajh said...

Sorry my computer acted like it wasn't posting the comment.

Nicole Orriƫns said...

That's a question you don't hear every day: how to get more calories! I think cheese has a lot of calories?!

Mom's Home Run

Tim said...

i wish i had this problem....... i can eat 3500calories in one sandwich i think.

Elizabeth said...

slightly jealous of this calorie issue. i would go with protein shakes and bars, nut butters or nuts, and then i have no clue. cupcakes? :)

Unknown said...

Increase your dietary fat...whole milk, whole eggs, guac, nuts, nut butters, healthy oils, add in protein shakes if you have not already (whey is best post-workout because of the insulin response). Biggest advice...DITCH the scale! Go by how you feel daily, how your training goes, and how your clothes fit. Eating and training this way will likely add muscle, which still adds to the scale but makes the body look much better than fat. The number at your feet is only your relationship with gravity. :)