Thursday, February 14, 2013

Three Things Thursday ...

Drama - So, I don't claim to be the world's best parent or anything, but I do take pride in the fact that I don't concede to my children. EVER. No matter how much they kick and scream, I require that they do what is expected of them. This ranges from putting their laundry away to picking up after themselves to doing their homework immediately after school.

Yesterday, Doodle wasn't feeling her homework. So, rather than sucking it up and getting it over with, she chose to scream and complain for an hour and a half. At some point, her tantrum became too absurd for me to believe so I decided to record it. Here's how it went down. And while there is no video, the audio is epic.

I swear that one day, my children are going to believe that I mean business.

Giant - My kids are huge. Not that I am really surprised, considering that J is 6'7". However, Dilly was tiny when she was born (at full term) - 6 pounds, 14 ounces and 19". Despite her average beginnings, she has really sprouted up in the last four years.

This morning she had her yearly check up and she measured 44", which is 3/4" taller than Doodle (who is ginormous) and the same height that Dizzle was at age five. Obviously, all that food she has been inhaling is paying off.

Slacker - So, Rev3 Cedar Point training officially kicked off this week and despite the fact that I can now brag about what I am training for, I feel like a slacker. The first week of my plan includes two swims, two 30 minute runs, an hour and a half of cycling and a 45 minute brick. Seriously? I usually don't even feel like a 30 minute run is worth it. If I didn't throw in a two hour long run (in prep for my April half), I'd feel like the biggest poser around.

Fortunately, I realize this feeling is only temporary and in a few weeks I am going to be begging for this base weeks. Grass is always greener, right?


Unknown said...

Ugh, that sounds soooo familiar! My middlest daughter is the tantrum queen despite the fact that I NEVER give in either. Some day we're going to look at these stubborn, strong-willed girls and be amazed at all they can do because they refuse to give up! Good luck to you from another mom in the trenches :-)

Michelle said...

I needed this. Thank you. :)

Anonymous said...

WOW, you are mom of the month, no mom of the year! How could you stay that calm after 1.5 hours of this?