Thursday, February 21, 2013

Three Things Thursday ...

training hours - I am currently 11 days into my 30 week training plan for Cedar Point 140.6. Right now, my workouts are super short, like off season short (except for my long runs since I have a half marathon in April). However, on most days I double. I'm not sure if he's never noticed this before or if he's just hypersensitive to it right now, but everyday, J says, "You're {biking/running/swimming} again? You just did a workout."

Um, yes. That's what they call training.

It kind of makes me wonder what he's going to say when my training load is 20 hours a week rather than eight.

consistent - Speaking of training, I have finally returned to a normal pattern of swimming. No more taking off weeks at a time just because I felt it was too cold to get in the pool. And thanks to some awesome swim sets, I am loving ever stroke (cue my Rev3 teammates saying, "That's what she said.").

Anyway, in the past two weeks I have realized that despite all the things that I lack in the pool, I couldn't possibly be more consistent with my pacing. I've swam 2500 meters three times in the last 11 days and despite completely different workouts I finished in 48:54, 48:51 and 48:52.

Sure, I've never taken a lesson, I lack speed and decent kick and I'm confident that the teenagers on the pool deck are laughing at me, but at least you can set your watch by my swimming.

manners - Did you ever have a day where you swore you were doing a horrible job as parent? A day where you were convinced that your children had been possessed and there was nothing you could do about it? Yeah, well, I have those days all the time. But, I've officially found the best way to solidify your competence as a parent ...

Invite a completely spoiled and disrespectful child over to play with your children for an afternoon.

Don't believe me? Well, you should.  All it takes is a few hours of being called "Hey you!" instead of by your name for your child to be shining in comparison.

Wait, that's not enough? OK. How about you listen to that child complain that he or she doesn't like a single food you offer or activity you suggest? Or better yet, how about overhearing that kid try to jump on your bike and/or treadmill without asking?

Well, when your kids step in and say, "That's not a good idea. It's my mom's and we should really ask first," you'll suddenly realize that you've done a fabulous job of teaching your children manners and setting appropriate boundaries for them. Trust me, you'll feel like a freaking rock star.


Wendy said...

There was a moment over Christmas when I really became aware of just what a wonderful job my husband has done with his son from his first marriage.

The teenager said in a call to his aunt, "On be half of her and me, thank you for the stockings."

The "her" was his 3 week old sister who couldn't call up her aunt and thank her.

Yes, it's moments like that that bring tears to my eyes and make me profoundly grateful.

I'm thrilled that your girls stepped up and you were able to witness all that you have done to help mold them in a wonderful way.

Good Luck with training!

Unknown said...

Sounds like training is going well - and I'm with you on the swimming. I have one speed, no matter what the workout and I can tell you to the minute how fast X laps will take me. It gets the job done! :)

Kuddos to your kiddos... I always knew you were doing a great job with them though!

Nikki! said...

Sounds like a kid that gets everything they want, when they want it, has no boundaries or consistency and no respect for other peoples property. I commented once, in my neighborhood, about kids walking across my lawn. I was told to "focus on what really matters." Really, respecting other peoples property doesn't matter? And yes, there was a sidewalk that could be used.
You are doing an AMAZING job.

The Kidless Kronicles

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Unknown said...

My husband recently spent some time with friends and their children and came home saying "our girls are angels!" and "it's a good thing we don't live near them!" (the friends, not our kids). Sometimes perspective is everything :)