Wednesday, September 25, 2013

these kids ...

These kids.
They can be rude.
And loud.
And impatient.
They fight.
They make messes.
They intentionally disobey.
Some days, I want to punch them.
Some days, they drive me bonkers.
Some days, I can not believe how annoying they can be.
But then I get a reminder.
A reminder of how lucky we are.
A reminder that not everyone is as blessed as we may be.
A reminder that time is fleeting and we should appreciate every second.
So, instead of freaking out on them, I apologize.
For overreacting.
For letting my emotions get the best of me.
For not setting a good example of how they should behave.
And then, I hug them.
And kiss them.
And remind them that I am a safe place that will always be there for them.
These kids.
They are my everything.


Kortni said...

It is so nice to know that another mom occasionally feels the urge to punch their child too. All of it is so true!!

Sally said...

Yes....perspective is a great thing...even if it comes from seeing someone with less than reminds us how many blessing we really have.

Michelle said...

Tonight, my husband and I were leaving the Y after our workout. A family that recognized from school was at the counter. I know they are homeless. The mom told the guy at the counter, "We are thinking about buying a membership. Can we just go play basketball for a while?" The weather was horrible outside...I knew they just needed a warm place with their 3 kids.
Yes, I went home and hugged my kids. Thankful for them, for what we have and for the work that goes into raising this family. Great post Tonia.

Rachel said...

It's nice to get those reminders of how awesome life is!!