Thursday, September 19, 2013

Three Things Thursday ...

Strength - Over the summer, I let my strength training slide. With the kids at home full time, it was hard enough to get in all my training for Rev3 Cedar Point HalfRev, let alone add lifting into the mix. But, now that I have begun off-season training, I decided it was time to return to Beast Mode.

The funny thing about Beast Mode is that you don't realize how far away you are from it when you first return. I had this vision in my head where I went back to the gym and lifted like I never took a day off. Unfortunately, for me, this wasn't the case. My workout went a little like this ...

First up, front squats. I'm thinking my single rep max is 205, so obviously, I can do 135 for seven. I set up my rack and begin. By rep number five, I was questioning whether I could even finish the last two with good form, not to mention the fact that I still had two more sets.

I barely finished and quickly removed 20 pounds from the bar. 115. Okay, I can do this. Yeah, not so much. I finished that set and yet again removed another 20 pounds.

95 pounds. Easy peasy. Probably where I should have started. Too bad my ego got in the way.

After that, I grabbed a 25 pound kettlebell and some floor space. I was planning on doing 15 KB swings and eight pushups. As many rounds as possible in 10 minutes. I was off like a bat out of hell. And then the repetition caught up to me. My legs were already spent before I started and my shoulders kind of wanted to kill me. It was epic. Somehow, I managed nine rounds.

Ready to be done, I walked outside to meet my friend for a four mile run, which I ultimately ended up hobbling through since my legs were no longer functioning.

Ever since, I've been sidestepping up the stairs and bracing the wall when I sit down. It feel good to be back.

School - So, Dizzle and Doodle are into their third week of school and I am still left with the nagging feeling that we may not have made the right decision sending them (especially Dizzle) this year. Long story short, I know my kids and I know how they are motivated (and unmotivated). I know how they best learn and I know what distracts them. And I really know when they are not being challenged.

Yes, I realize it's early in the year. And yes, I realize that every teacher has their methods. But, there is so much wasted time and effort that it drives me bananas. Fortunately, I don't mind being that annoying parent that teachers dread getting an email from or seeing in the hallway. If I don't advocate for my children, no one will. And I intend on doing so until I am on board with what's going on.

Hawaii - In exactly 30 days, I will be here.

It's the first really big trip (Disney aside) that we've taken since our wedding/honeymoon almost 10 years ago. It will be the first time the girls will be on a plane for more than two and a half hours (Our flight out has a leg that is over 10 hours!) and it will hopefully be amazing. So, my question for you is, "Have you ever been to Oahu? What are your must dos?"


Bron said...

Where are you staying? Def visit Pearl Harbour, hike up Diamond head and ride the trolley car tours.

Tortuga_Runner said...

Polynesian Cultural Center
Same suggestions as Bron
North Shore
Mai Tai bar at the ala moana center
Try real plate lunch, the Like Like cafe pronounce (leaky-leaky)

Unknown said...

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Unknown said...

I loved Oahu. We actually had the best day when we rented a jeep, took the top off and drove around the entire island. There were tons of amazing beaches to stop out, fun shaved ice places, surfers galore, etc. It was probably the best thing we did there! :)