Sunday, July 27, 2008

an accident-free night ...

Dizzle has been potty trained during the day since she was two and a half. In fact, the day she turned two and a half marked 30 days no accidents, which for me is enough to have labeled her "potty-trained". But up until now, she has only been daytime trained. At night, she still sports those princess-laden pull-ups (funny, since she never really wore them when we were training her.)

Anyway, I have never stressed staying dry at night. Dizzle has always been a heavy nighttime wetter and a heavy sleeper (she has leaked through every diaper on the market). So, in an attempt to keep the situation as stress-free as possible for both of us (that and the fact that we have her and Doodle gated in at night - I don't want children climbing into my bed), I figured I would just let nighttime training happen whenever it did. And to my amazement, when I got back from my Saturday run there was a DRY pull-up waiting for me in the kitchen. I was beyond impressed! (I know lots of kids are nighttime trained at the same time they are during the day, but for us, this was HUGE!!)

So, Saturday was an all-day celebration with ice cream, dinner out, and of course a reward!! Thanks to her accident-free night, Dizzle is twirling around in her Cinderella gown as I type this. It's beyond cute.

Now, I just hope that dry "princess panties" (as we call them) are here to stay. Know how I can make that happen?

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