Monday, July 7, 2008

deal of the century ...

If you have ever had a child, you probably purchased a stroller (or six). Then when you had your second, you bought a double stroller. And if you're like me, a double JOGGING stroller. But what to do when that third child comes around? If you are lucky (or not cheap like me), your oldest will be in preschool or kindergarten. So you won't need to upgrade to a triple. But in cases of cheapness (and multiples), purchasing a triple stroller may be a necessity.

This is exactly where I am. I will have three kids under four and a husband who works long hours, which means that most of my runs, and every time I go to work, I will have three kids in tow.

I researched a ton of triple jogging strollers, and by ton I mean four. I know you're thinking, "FOUR? Seriously? There has to be more than that." Well, there's not. And with the exception of the cheapest one (which is not made by a company that I can find any info on) they are all over $700. With $900, looking more realistic. That's just WAY TO MUCH to spend. So what's a girl to do?

Answer: Find the deal of the century. Thanks to a fellow Stroller Strides instructor, I came upon a triple jogger, though well used, that fell in my price range. In fact, it hit my target price dead on -- it cost me NOTHING!! How awesome is that?

Yes, this triple has it's drawbacks (it doesn't fold and has no sun shade - not missing, rather it was never there) but it fits in my car and is sturdy as all heck. Oh, and did I mention it was FREE? Obviously, the pros outweigh the cons. But I am still left with one problem ... what am I going to spend all that extra cash on?

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