Tuesday, July 15, 2008

it had to happen eventually ...

It happened. A mere two days shy of 11 weeks, it happened. Weeks before I ever thought it would, it happened.


OK, well I have one pair of shorts that I can't button and to be honest, if I really suck it in they do button, but that is not the point. I needed to pull out my Bella Band, WAY WAY WAY earlier than I had hoped to. Major suckage. But really, the prospect of sitting/standing/moving in these pants with the button done was just way too painful of an idea to grasp.

Plus, it was kind of ugly. I'm pretty sure that I was starting to look like one of those teenage girls with the super low jeans (yes, I wear my jeans super low - also not the point) who walk around the mall with their mid-drift hanging out and muffin top all over the place. You know who I am talking about. The girl who apparently doesn't have a single friend who will tell her how bad she looks or offer up the suggestion to purchase the next size up.

Are you getting the visual?

Anyway, I had this completely unrealistic dream that I wouldn't really "show" for a good 8-10 weeks more, or that my baby bump would sit nice and high so that my ultra low rise pants would actually be useful for more than showing off my a** crack. But I was wrong on both accounts. So here's to 29 weeks of elastic waist pants and spandex!

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