Monday, February 2, 2009

i'm scared. can we do it again?

A week ago I took Dizzle to have her cast removed. Prior to the appointment, I explained that the doctor would cut it off, but it would NOT hurt. Sure, it would be loud and kind of tickle, but IT WOULD NOT HURT.

So, you know exactly how it turned out, right? Yup, she totally freaked. Kicking and screaming. The whole nine yards. And the worst thing was that there was really nothing I could do. My huge pregnant belly kept me from holding her and my every attempt to soothe her was pretty much shot down by screams and tears. But we survived (after post-removal milkshakes had been negotiated).

Unfortunately, her elbow wasn't fully healed. So, they put another cast on. Which obviously meant that another cast would have to be removed. When we went to the appointment today, I had high hopes. Dizzle and I talked about how it didn't hurt last time, how I was going to hold her, how she was going to be brave and most importantly, how we would stop for milkshakes on the way home if she survived.

Upon entering the "cast room" (their name for it, not mine), Dizzle got to see the girl in the next curtain get her cast cut off. Which, surprisingly, was met with excitement and comments like, "Ooooh, that's cool. I remember doing that with my pink cast. Let's take off my red cast and then I will get a soccer ball cast (obviously, she was getting ahead of herself)."

But then the apocalypse hit and all hell broke loose. The doctor walked over to Dizzle and told her it was her turn and Dizzle started yelling.

"I don't want my cast off. I think the boo-boo is still there. Don't do it. I don't like tickles. I need to keep my cast."

Again, all of my calming tactics failed, so I did what any sensible mom would do. I pinned her down and covered her ears. She continued to yell and cry, but they were able to get her cast off. Then, not more than 10 seconds later, Dizzle wiped away her tears and said, "So, when are they going to put my new cast on?"

What? Are you serious, Dizzle? A new cast? You just totally freaked out because the last one had to be removed and now you want another one so that we can go through all of this again? Are you on crack?

We left with out another cast. Thank you God!

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