Saturday, February 21, 2009

smooth ... almost

So, we've moved in. Like completely moved in. The boxes are empty. The house looks lived in. And so what if there are not pictures anywhere? Maybe we don't like looking at wall hangings.

All joking aside, after weeks of upheaval, we are settled. The girls love the new house (except at nap and bedtimes ... go figure) and J and I love it too. Plus, we are back on a schedule (Thank God) and I've even returned to running (an even bigger Thank God.) And amazingly, everything has gone rather smoothly.

Well, mostly smooth. There was that one minor issue with the new sofa not fitting through the doorway. But no biggie, we just sawed through the door frame. Oh, and then there was that blown out tire on the way home from my first post-baby race (shhh! don't tell my doctor ... but I did PR and finished 3rd in my age group, 7th in my gender). But really, once we changed the flat, it was all good. For like an hour, when suddenly drywall and water were falling from the ceiling in my laundry room. Apparently, we have a leak. OK, so maybe things aren't going that smoothly. But don't they say bad things come in threes? So,
at least our current string of bad luck should be at an end. Right?

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gba_gf said...

First - congrats on the PR- you kick A**.

Second- Holy Crap! A tire blew- how crummy.

Third- HOLY CARP! Your home inspector should be SHOT. All that BS over the floor in the laundry room, and he didn't fully investigate the master bath??? Are you KIDDING ME? *G, it's not your house, calm down... I'm calm... I am.... no. I'm really not.