Wednesday, February 25, 2009

let me in!!!

So, apparently they will let any idiot be a parent. I am proof positive. This morning, after filling out a zillion product registration forms, I put Dilly in the kitchen and the other two girls in the playroom (we're splitting them up to limit flu exposure). Anyway, after placing the girls in said rooms, I put on my shoes and headed out to the mailbox.

And here's where the stupidity comes in. As I exited, I thought, "I had better check that the door isn't locked ... no, wait. They would never shut the door anyway, so it doesn't matter."

So, off I went. And you know what happened, right?

Yup. Doodle locked me out.


As I turned to come back in I saw Doodle at the door. Knowing what was next, I sprinted and as soon as I got to the front steps. She slammed the door shut. (while laughing - she's evil). Hoping I was wrong, I turned the knob. LOCKED. So I ran to the side door. LOCKED. Then I remembered, the back door was unlocked. Yeah!! But not really. Because when I got there, the door to the back porch was locked. And then I started to panic.

After thinking about everything that could go wrong, I finally just started banging on the windows, ringing the doorbell and yelling. After about 5 minutes of my craziness, Dizzle finally came to the door and asked who was there. Then I had to explain how to unlock the door (easier said than done).

But alas, I got in, grabbed a spare key and hid it outside. Something I should have done a long time ago.

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Adventures of Aiden and Amelia said...

I TOTALLY understand your panic! I did something similar just before Christmas. I stayed home with Mia for her dr. visit that day. I left her on the floor (not crawling to well yet) as I quickly went to start the car to warm it up. I briefly remember thinking, should I leave her on the floor so close to the tree... sure, she isn't moving well yet and I will be quick. When I got back to the house (just 15 feet from the car and maybe 10 seconds after stepping out the door), the door was locked!! Apparently my father locked one of the locks we NEVER use because we use the deadbolt. Of course it took me a few tries to figure out what happened. I PANICKED!! Finally I had the piece of mind to go grab the extension ladder that was next to the house (recent ice storm required the ladder) and found an open window. Fortunately the first window I tried was unlocked. As I shimmied into the house I kept envisioning mia laying under the tree. NOPE- she was quietly sitting there playing with some ornaments. She gave me a big smile and went back to her business. I however had nice bruises on my legs for weeks from the windowsill... Yes, I had my 'worst parent in the world moment'. Unfortunately, it isn't likely to be the last!!

So, you aren't the only one to ever have this happen!!!