Sunday, October 4, 2009

long, long runs

I mentioned last week that our 16 mile training run was painful. And wet. And horrible. And I might not have mentioned this, but it was one of those runs that nearly convinced me that this whole marathon thing was a bad idea. So heading into today's 18 miler, I was scared. I felt like I was getting ready for one of those races where you get all hyped-up and think you are going to PR. But instead, you cramp up and fall flat on your face. Add all of that emotion to the fact that I was trying new long run socks for the first time since May of 2008 and well, let's just say, I wasn't feeling too confident.

Yet, somehow, by some act of God, the run was AWESOME! (All three hours of it.) There was never a moment that a negative thought crossed my mind. I finished and thought, "Wow, I could totally run eight more miles." I LOVE runs like that! Talk about a confidence boost going into the two long runs (20 miles, in case you were wondering). Only five weeks to go!

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Mel -Tall Mom on the Run said...

CONGRATS!! There are good runs and bad runs...I TRY really really hard to focus on the good ones. That is the best thing you can do when Marathon day is approaching.

I thought about a zillion times during my First and only Marathon that is was a bad idea :) But I am sooo glad that I did it.