Saturday, October 24, 2009

tired ...

I just want to start by saying thanks to Mel over at Tall Mom on the Run for getting my necklace out to me so quickly. I got it yesterday, LOVE IT and am ready to rock it on tomorrow's 20 miler.

Speaking of tomorrow's 20 miler, I'm not really sure where I am at with that. I just keep telling myself that it can't be worse than the last time we ran it, but I'm not really feeling all that prepared. Honestly, I am dying for this training to be over and for me to NEVER RUN ANOTHER MARATHON AGAIN. Plus, I'm tired. And not really sleepy tired. Just tired.

My little sis spent the week with us and while she let me get in a couple of short runs (keeping it short this week to protect the ankle), I just feel like something was off. Maybe I am thinking too much about the foot when I am running. Maybe I just had to much other stuff going on to make the runs relaxing. I'm not really sure. Everything has felt like a chore this week. I've worked a lot. I've worked out a lot. And I've yelled a lot. (Let's just say the girls weren't exactly on their best behavior this week.) Oh, and J is traveling (again). Add all of that to the fact that Doodle has had a complete potty training regression (any suggestions? I'm desperate!), and I'M JUST TIRED!

I seriously need a vacation. Far away. With no kids. And no responsibilities. Just for one day.

But, that's not likely. At least not now (Yes, G. I do realize that Bermuda is only 82 days away. Not that I am counting or anything). So, for now, I think this vent is going to have to do.


gba_gf said...

I can relate to tired. Sometimes I feel like a stressed out mom of three kids, and one of them is always sick, and my job doesn't suck - but it's not great either, and while I enjoy the idea of school - chemistry is HARD, and when I run I either LOVE my run, or, as you said, it's a chore to check off the chore list.... oh wait - the reason I feel that way is because that IS the way it is. Carp. No wonder we're tired.

As you said, Bermuda (where you will have ZERO kids for a few days and I will have 1/10th of a kid) is only 82 days away. Though- that said, have I ever told you that I hate it when people put the word only in front of a high number?

Mel -Tall Mom on the Run said...

So Glad you got it already.. Picture please :)

OOOHHHH have I had weeks like you...well not exactly my partner in crime does not we generally can tag team the rough patched with the kiddos.

I say use your 20 miler to go on autopliot and have time just for you... Enjoy the fresh air, and the cadence of the pavement. Relax and have a nice run..

Hugs to Mom who do it all....and to the WAY overdue vacations..