Sunday, October 25, 2009

they catch on to more than you think ...

I'd like to believe that my little ones will stay little forever. Obviously, I know that's not possible. But I do my best to keep them blissfully unaware of some of the more mature aspects of life (you can see where this is going, right?) But apparently, I'm not really winning that battle. This was the conversation I had with Dizzle yesterday.

Dizzle: What happens when you kiss?

Me (puzzled look on face): Um, nothing?

Dizzle: No, what happens when you kiss? Did Daddy and you kiss and I was born a couple weeks later?

Me (completely shocked): Um, not really. It took a little more than that. Dizzle, we kiss people to show them we love them.

Dizzle: Oh, OK. Can I kiss you to show you I love you?

Me (relieved): Yes, you can kiss me and show me you love me.

And with that, I dodged a bullet. Hopefully, for a LONG TIME ...

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