Monday, October 17, 2011

Baltimore Half Marathon Recap ...

Location: Baltimore, MD
Date: 10/15/11
Temperature: 65 degrees
Official Time: 1:59:02 (9:05 pace)
Garmin Time: 1:59:03 for 13.16 miles (9:01 pace)
Place in Age Group (25-29): 258/1359
Place in Gender: 868/5374
Overall Place: 2248/9154

As you may recall, I was supposed to run the Amica Newport Half on Sunday. Well, due to the fact that all three of my kids were sick last week and one of them vomited all over my living room just three hours before we were supposed to leave, J and I decided to cancel our trip. Knowing that I was bummed to miss the race, J suggested I find a replacement. He offered up Baltimore (which only had spots left if people "no showed") and two races in NJ (a 5-6 hour drive from here).

When I woke up on Friday morning, I checked Baltimore's website to see if they had opened up any spots. It was listed that there were 50 spots left in the half, which would become available at the opening of the expo at 10 a.m. I knew if I left right that instant (7:50 a.m.), I MIGHT be able to get one of those spots (you had to show up in person to register). So, I told J my plan, picked up my bag and left.

When I was 10 minutes away from the expo (10:46 a.m.), I got a call from SpeeDee, who said that it had just been posted on the Baltimore Running Festival Facebook page that all the spots were gone and not to come to the expo asking for one. I started to tear up. Would I have made it if I didn't have to stop at the bank or get gas for the truck?

I decided to go anyway, figuring that I would shop at the expo, have lunch and head home. Once I arrived, I walked up to registration and asked if there was any chance that they had a spot left in the half. The woman behind the desk said, "Sure, I have two."

I nearly crapped my pants. I filled out the form and $95 later, I was in.

The Good:

A sub-2 finish: Although I was hoping to run faster, I am really proud of my sub-2 finish. The course was definitely challenging and I had a less than perfect day, so I am happy I was able to suck it up and power to the finish when I realized I could still break two hours.

My outfit: Epic, as always. Random people were asking to take my picture. I looked awesome.

Meeting up with friends: As I was walking out of the expo, I heard someone shout my name. I looked up to see Jen and TriGuy.

Later that night, I had dinner with SpeeDee and the rest of the HCB crew (I saw them off at the start of the marathon too).

I also ran into Katye and Becka along the way.

The course: The first 8-9 miles of this course is covered with climbs, but the atmosphere and views make up for it. You truly get a feel for Baltimore as you cover this course. After mile 9, the course levels out and eventually starts a decent into the finish area. Over the last mile and a half, you run a gradual decline into past Camden Yards and the Ravens Stadium. The crowd support is awesome. The route is awesome. Even with the climbs, I'd run this race again. I'd just pace myself better next time.

The shirt and medal: Under Armour is the title sponsor of the Baltimore Running Festival, so the shirts are AMAZING. And the crab medal was wicked cool.

Post-race pecan pie: Not actually from the post-race festivities, but still delicious. Yum.

The Bad:

Fire alarm: At 11 p.m., I was woken up and evacuated from my hotel by this.

A minor inconvenience, but I could have lived without walking down 29 flights of stairs, half asleep.

Late start: The half marathon started at 9:45 a.m. That's just insane.

The hills: Hills are never fun.

The weather: It was 65 degrees at the start (too warm for my liking) and there were winds of 25+ mph. There was more than one time when I lost my footing due to the wind.

Missed goals: I didn't achieve what I set out to do. It happens. Just kind of wish it didn't.

The Ugly:

Dehydration: I stopped sweating somewhere between miles 8 and 9. When I finished, my clothes were completely dry. It kind of made it hard to push harder during the race.

Now, I am sick. I have to believe that the two are related.


Shellyrm ~ just a country runner said...

Amazing that you just jump in the truck and made it happen. Think sub 2 is great! Loved the outfit! Your skirt was awesome!

Anonymous said...

I don't think I could have gone back to sleep after being woken up and having to be evacuated like that. I have a hard enough time trying to fall asleep the night before a race as it is.

Hills are never fun. Challenging and rewarding when you get to the top, but not fun.

That's a little scary that you stopped sweating around mile 8 or 9.

Rachel said...

That's awesome that you decided to do it on whim! I'm glad you got to do it-- even with the inconveniences, you still rocked it! You totally stopped sweating?? Scary...

Running Ricig said...

your outfit was epic!

Awesome job on your sub 2! Hope you're feeling better soon!!

Silly Girl Running said...

Amazing outfit, amazing finishing time! :) And conquering those hills! Way To Go! :) NYC: watch out, here she comes! :)

Cynthia said...

Love the skirt!!!
Congrats on the sub 2!

At my first marathon last year, Portland, the fire alarm went off about 2 am. We had to wait outside in the rain till the cleared us to go back in. Apparently someone wanted a late night snack (popcorn) that almost caught on fire. I then had to try to go back to sleep only to wake up about 2 hours later.

Jen said...

Yeah, I wish the hills and missed goals didn't happen either.

Unknown said...

aww I was wondering why I didn't spot you!! I am glad you still got a race in, despite the circumstances, a great performance!

hope you feel better!

Runners Fuel said...

That's great you were able to get a spot. Congrats!!

Anonymous said...

yet again you define runner first! SOOO happy it worked out but super bummed I didn't get to see more of you. And yes...Baltimore loves some hills. The wind was a nice added resistance factor. You still ran an amazing race!

sarah said...

I have never left a comment, but read your blog daily and have to laugh because we asked a women with pink hair what mile we were at when watching the marathon (waiting for the half to start) and I swore it had to be you - who else has that hair - but didn't know you would be in Baltimore.

It was a wicked hard half, only my 4th and pretty warm. You did amazing for this half, it is known for not being a fast course!

abbi said...

Nice job at Baltimore! It's cool you were able to get in at the last moment to be able to run it!

Unknown said...

Wow, you were meant to run this one. Yes, you looked awesome. Sorry about the lack of sweat. I doubled up sweating at my half yesterday...I will never run a half in that "ice cream" shirt again. Not attractive.

Katie said...

sub-2!!! girls, that's a tough course and i'm glad you were able to get into this race!

Jessica (Pace of Me) said...

wow - what a story! i'm so glad that they had a spot for you after you drove all that way. and it sounds like it was quite a race! congrats on your sub-2 on a challenging course and all the while most likely an immune system that was in overdrive trying to stave off the germs. you are amazing. i hope you're able to get lots of rest this week!

Anonymous said...

I am diggin' on the cool race shirt and your sub two! Good stuff!

Rebecca said...

Totally related! I went on an unplanned deture without fuel and water a week ago and I'm still nursing the freaking cold that followed.

That race skirt is adorable. Wish I did adorable well.

MCM Mama said...

Gotta admit, it's pretty darned cool that in a not so great race on a hard course you can still bag a sub-2. Nice progress you've made, my friend.

Feel better soon!

Unknown said...

I was out there at Lake Montebello (Mile 6ish)! It was so crowded it was hard to see people! I'm so happy that you got in, I know a lot of people who did not. The race shirt is pretty cool!

I ran the Baltimore half in 2008, and it was horrible for me (temps near 80, dehydrated, just BAD), and I don't think I'll be doing it again, but I love going out and cheering for that race!

ajh said...

Sub 2 is great!

My last half started at 10. Way too late!

Marlene said...

Definitely some challenges but you STILL pulled of a decent run. And looked awesome doing it. Congrats!

Kerrie said...

You've got a good hubs there, lady. :)

Good job!

Unknown said...

Given the events leading up to the race... you did amazing! :) Ignoring the events leading up to the race... you did amazing! :)

Hope you are feeling better!

And yes... you looked super cute! That's really important.

Becka said...

Still a great finish. And about the sweating... I did not sweat really at all either. Maye the wind was blow drying us? I have never been so dry at a finish line. Nice to see you again, can't wait for NYC!!

XLMIC said...

That is so awesome that your husband is so supportive! And way to handle adversity :) Super impressed by you... as always!

Julie D. said...

you looked badass for sure!! nice race, T. Congrats! Firetruck? that would have definitely been bad. get well soon!

Margie said...

Great job in a tough race! I ran the marathon last year, and I remember how the half runners come in at the half-way point- that has got to be so hard! Sub-2:00 is an awesome accomplishment, even if it fell short of your goal. And you looked like a rock star, too!

Christine said...

I was eying this half but was to scared of the hills. LOVE the medal, you deserve it!!!