Friday, November 11, 2011

bones ...

One might say that Dizzle is inquisitive. She wants to know as much as she possibly can before she commits. She loves to learn. She loves to talk. Some days I love this trait, and some days I want to put in earplugs and walk away.

On our way to soccer the other day, she was in a particularly inquisitive mood. It lead to the following conversation.

Dizzle: If we are made up of bone, how do we bend?
Me: Well, Dizzle, the bones don't bend. Our bodies are made up of a bunch of bones and we are able to bend at the places those bones meet. It's called a joint.
Dizzle: Oh, so our hands have lots of bones then?
Me: Yes.
Dizzle: So, that's why they can bend here and here and here ...
Me: Right.
Dizzle: Well, that's good, because if they didn't bend, we'd have to use magnet gloves to pick up everything.

(End of conversation. Until Dizzle starts talking to herself)

Dizzle: Wow. It's really hard to do anything with straight arms. I can hardly do anything at all. But, professionals can. But, not magicians. They'd have a hard time.
Me: What? What would magicians have a hard time doing?
Dizzle: Getting the people out of those boxes.

(Ensue laughter)

Seriously, Dizzle? This is what goes on in your head? Magicians who can't bend there arms can't get people out of boxes? And you can't do anything with straight arms but PROFESSIONALS can? What kind of professionals are we talking about? The amazing straight arm professionals? Because, I've never met one ...


Running Ricig said...

hahaahhahahahaah! I'd like to see these professionals in action.

Unknown said...

omg this is hilarious!! At least the conversations are entertaining - and hey, you don't even need to participate, just sit back and listen :)

Rene' said...

i like the magnet hands...that is great!

Beth said...

Your kids say the CUTEST things all the time. Love it!!

Kurt @ Becoming An Ironman said...

I hope she never loses that characteristic!

I still have a small chunk of it and it's quite fun to have. The imagination of a child is priceless!!

Plus, it creates AWESOME blog posts. hahaha

Anonymous said...

I honestly can't wait until mine are old enough to have these kind of conversations. Of course its already a bit exhausting to talk to him.

T: Mom! Airplane! Airplane!
Me: Yes baby, I see the Airplane.
T: Ma ma! Truck! Truck! Truck!
Me: Yes baby, I see the truck!
T: ooooh! Moon! Moon! Moon!
Me: sigh...

Gotta love kids!

Unknown said...



um, mom...

Mom, when we go to school, we eat cereal.

Ok, your right about that. numbing daily facts in endless procession)

Shellyrm ~ just a country runner said...

After spending some quaility time with my toilet and laying in my sweaty pile on the bathroom floor, I got brave enough to take my little trash can to the living room and lay propped up on the couch. I didn't get to fall asleep before LBM came out looking for me. I told him how mommy had been sick. He listened to it all but insisted we lay down together in my bed. Okay, I caved. I was too sick and tired to argue.

LBM: Mom. Leave the trash can.
Me: I just told you mommy got sick and might need the trash can.
LBM: Mom that's gross. leave the trash can.
Me: It a clean can. I might need it.
(This repeats several times until...)
LBM: Ok mom! (He pauses as I shuffle back the hall to him. Then continues.: Awwww Mom. Are you sick?

It was only that sweet tone that kept me from having a melt down.

Running Librarian said...

She is probably thinking of Professional Mummies! They walk around all the time with straight arms and legs! lol

Anonymous said...

hahahaha...sounds like a conversation I would have with my 7 year old. I posted about our "sexy yoga" conversation earlier this week. He was trying to convince me that I went to sexy yoga. After much thought, I realized he meant Hot Yoga. I can only imagine what he thought went on at my sexy yoga class :)

Lisa said...

I haven't commented in a long time, but I read your blog everyday! This post was HILARIOUS!!!! Cracking me up!!!

Good luck at your 2nd full in a week!!! Have fun, be safe, and kick booty!

Unknown said...

It amazes me to hear what comes out of my daughter's mom sometimes! Those little brains are constantly moving along!

5 Miles Past Empty said...

Ahhh haaa!! That is great!! And I need a pair of those gloves!

Char said...

She's going to drive her teachers insane with a all the questions. But what an impressively inquiring mind. And all her questions are valid.