Friday, May 25, 2012

the sprain ...

I love my children.

I really do.

But that doesn't mean I can't see their weaknesses.

Dizzle is a wonderful child. She's smart and artistic. She's caring and thoughtful. She has the running form of Ryan Hall.
look at her foot placement vs. mine. she wins.
Dizzle is on point. Doodle, not so much.
Truth be told, this kid is awesomesauce.

Dizzle's big problem lies in her utter lack of coordination. Sure, to some this might not be seen as a deficiency, but as the spawn of two collegiate athletes, Dizzle is sure coming up short in this department. 

Not a day goes by that I don't have to tell her to pay attention to what she is doing.

She trips. She falls. She gets hurt.

Usually, it's just bumps and bruises. Yet, on occasion, she goes all out. Once, she knocked out her front tooth when she tripped and slammed a laundry basket into her face. And twice, she has broken her elbow, due to her inability to put her hands out when she falls.

Like I said, I love her to death. But the girl is clumsy. And as she's not getting better with age.

Yesterday, when I picked her up from school, she told me she had fallen on the playground and had gone to the clinic. I expected the usual scraped knee (which she had), but then she walked. Or should I say hobbled. Two days before our 5K and Dizzle can barely make it from the school to the car.


Apparently, Dizzle was playing "Ballet" during recess and she tripped on the curb and fell. Not convinced that she had a serious injury, I subjected her to a battery of test.

Hop on one foot. Flex and extend. Walk flatfooted. Walk on your toes. March. Single leg squats. Run.

She failed them all.

Add that to the fact that her ankle looked like this ...

Left leg, where did your ankle bone go?
And we were hightailing it to Urgent Care. The exact place I wanted to start my holiday weekend at.

Fortunately, Dizzle's x-rays came back clean. She was diagnosed with a bad sprain. And is now rocking an Aircast.

The big problem here (other than missing the 5K) is that the splint makes her clumsier than ever and the doctor isn't 100% sure that she doesn't have a growth plate fracture, which apparently don't show up on x-ray.

Now we have to wait five days to see if she improves. If not, she needs to visit the orthopedist to get a cast for 3-4 weeks.

My gut feeling? We are just delaying the inevitable. 


Carrie said...

Oh no! Poor Dizzle! My oldest is only 4, but I swear he's the clumsiest kid there is. His younger brother isn't even two and seems to have more coordination! Hope it's not as bad as you're thinking.

Marlene said...

Oh no! Not the best way to kick off your long weekend.

Anonymous said...

Oh no :( what a nightmare and a bummer to deal with on a holiday weekend. Hope it ends up just being a strain!

Margie said...

Poor Dizzle! I hope it isn't a fracture. My son isn't clumsy when he pays attention, but at 3.5 years old, payi attention is not a high priority. I cannot count how many times he has run (at high speed) into walls in our own house.

Jen said...

Darn, that stinks! She sounds just like my 4 year old, her legs already look like a war zone and summer is just starting. :)


Anonymous said...

Oh, poor kid! I am waiting for something like this to happen. My beautiful girl is all arms and legs and knees and elbows, and bless her, they all seem to get in the way when she tries to do something. :/ Of course then there is my son who literally throws himself into his passion du jour. Him I am surprised we haven't gone to an ER yet. (Knocking furiously on wood!)

Running Ricig said...

Bummer! That is some serious clumsiness. Poor Dizzle.

MCM Mama said...

Poor Dizzle! Hope she shows improvement quickly!

Jill said...

Oh Dizzle, bummer and ouch! Yah, where did the ankle bone go?

fancy nancy said...

Poor Dizzle! I can't help but giggle the way you describe her though!! I get the high hopes for hubby and I both played sports through college...high hopes for our chickie!

XLMIC said...

Mom's gut is usually right on the money :(

Here's hoping she heals quickly!

Amanda@runninghood said...

Ahhh , no fun! :( My second daughter is always hurt...tripping, stumbling, falling over her own feet. Poor girl. I have a confession...for some crazy reason, you were not on my blog roll on my blog...and you're one of my favorites so sorry for my absence. I'm pretty absent in the blog world in general these days but glad I saw this today. Everything is fixed and in order now. xo

Franki said...

Oh no--exact same thing happened to my daughter in dance class last week. She has been in the splint all week and we went in today ( a week later) to check on growth plate issue. Luckily, no damage so she just needs a few more weeks to heal. So maybe your daughter just sprained her ankle and just need to let it heal. Such a bummer for the weekend.

Jason said...

thru all that look at the smile on her face.....c'mon now! Hard to fight that ain't it?

Unknown said...

poor dizzle.
so what if she's a little clumsy, with that cuteness factor im sure no one will notice
:) hope she is ok

JAMR said...

Craptastic. Hope she heals quickly without further injuring herself!

Unknown said...

I'm seriously clumsy, fall down ALL the time and hurt myself. Its ridiculous. Both of my sisters move easily. They were both in to active endeavors (tennis, cheerleading, soccer) when we were growing up. Now, me, the clumsy one, is the most active of all and training for an ironman. There's hope for her yet!
I hope she feels better soon!!